Nintendo Can’t Wait To Melt Your Children’s Retinas/Square Enix Hates You

Nintendo is releasing their latest handheld system. Well more like an upgrade to the Nintendo DS. How many different versions have we had? More than enough. DS. DS Lite. DS Shit. Now we get the 3DS. What the hell is this all about? The Nintendo 3DS launches in late march for about $250. The 3DS will have according to Nintendo at least 30 games around launch. So what is this system? It’s a DS that plays 3D games. And on top of that it will melt your children retinas!

Studies do show that since children haven’t fully developed 3D tech can severely damage a child’s development. This report was unveiled recently and was mentioned by…Nintendo themselves. Are they trying to shoot themselves in the foot here? I have no clue what is going on but don’t buy your six year old the 3DS.

In other news the almost bankrupt Square-Enix has announced how much they hate you. Earlier in the year they unleashed the latest in a long line of games this time Final Fantasy XIII. The game got mixed reviews, ya either love it or hate it. I loved it at first then realized I got nowhere in the game after twenty hours so I got angry. Well the company after Final Fantasy XIV‘s failure as an MMO have announced how much they hate Americans and the world with the second true FF sequel…Final Fantasy XIII-2. Several years ago they did this for FFX and the game, while it wasn’t awful, wasn’t executed well and flopped. Will this game be full of Hope? You know the annoying bastard who ruined your FFXIII experience because he’s a raging douche bag?

Enjoy Hope:


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