BREAKING NEWS: Villains Announced For The Dark Knight Rises…Presumably Die In The Film…Like All Baddies

This just in…Christopher Nolan has just cast two big name actors for two big roles in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises due in theaters sometime in 2012. Nolan had been fooling around with multiple ideas over the past few months but he finally revealed who Christian Bale will be doing an epic battle with. Of course there were rumors about the Riddler being played by Joseph Gordon Levitt after Inception but then Thomas Hardy got the casting nod for a role that wasn’t mentioned until today! Nolan was also oggling several hot babes for a female role, one of which included the now pregnent Natalie Portman so guess what….she’s not in it. The two winning actors join an all star cast including Michael Caine (who might not come back again after this one??), and of course Gary Oldman.The actors are after the jump!

Alright here we go. I didn’t want to spoil it in the front page but as you can see the one villain is Bane. Bane is going to be played by the ever handsome Thomas Hardy. Sure most people don’t know who he is but we all know him as that guy with the heavy British accent from Inception. Bane is a man who is on ‘roids pretty much and as you can see he snaps the spine of Batman at one point. Sure he was in the forgettable Batman and Robin flick but hey Nolan can do whatever he wants!

Of course the other role promised to the female was given to the sultry Anne Hathaway. Hathaway will be most likely playing Bruce Wayne’s love interest, Selena Kyle aka Catwoman. Catwoman was featured in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns but is making a return. Hathaway was rumored for this role for a while so this doesn’t come as a surprise nor does Hardy’s role. In this case it’s just good to know who is who in the film now the nerds everywhere can just freak out about plot ideas such as Bane snapping Batman’s spine.


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