[DAILY LIST] Shows Canceled Before Their Prime

Shows always come and go. Some stay on the air longer than they should (The Simpsons) while others get thrown off the air due to the fact that they didn’t have the right audience. So here is my list of the best shows that got axed before their prime. Some of these shows just weren’t bad but they were classics. Shows like Dollhouse and Firefly are classic sci-fi shows that FOX didn’t like that much. Of course the audience wasn’t just into it. Of course the show could have been removed due to let’s just say offensive materials. Let’s see how much Joss Whedon there is.

10. Police Squad!

Police Squad was a six episode series that lead to the trilogy of films Naked Gun. The film and the series starred the late Leslie Neilsen. Neilsen’s antics were all about timing and the like. The film mimicked almost successfully the series lack of success into a huge comedy classic. Neilsen eventually made a career out of the slapstick character named Frank Drebin. Good night sweet pricne.

09. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Based off of the Terminator franchise this show lasted a few brief seasons. The show follows John and Sarah with a Terminator played by the ever hot Summer Glau. The show was intense and full of action. Most shows don’t usually have good effects. The show’s lack of audience and slow decline into the ratings on the nights it’s on helped lead it into FOX canceling it.

08. Freaks and Geeks

Prior to his super famous career as a director/writer Judd Apatow had a few short and brief television runs. After eighteen episodes the show was canceled but it gained cult status. The show featured the ever so attractive James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel. The show takes place in the 1980’s. The show was hilarious in the sense that Apatow’s films were hilarious but at the same time it was more of a quiet humor, not like the blatant ones you see in his films.

07. Undeclared

Judd Apatow’s second and failed television attempt before hitting it big with his feature films focused on a young college student (freshman) played by Jay Baruchel. The show featured Jason Segel as well as Seth Rogen. It’s episodes also center around growing up and maturing in the college setting. Sure it also set ridiculous standards for college life and when you went into college and it wasn’t like this, you feel kind of let down. The show’s thirteen episodes are among the cult status TV programs that have been removed from the air.

06. Dollhouse

Joss Whedon’s most recent project lasted barely two seasons. The show’s plot centers around rogue agents who have their memories wiped and thus having new memories planted in their heads to complete jobs. Of course FOX wanted to can it after the first few episodes failed to get anyone to watch it. They shockingly renewed it for a second season which ended it’s run with a straight to DVD movie.

05. Moral Orel

Three seasons on Adult Swim lead to this show’s slow demise. After the show started off mocking Christian morals as well as Christians in general the show failed to find the right audience and died off. I thought it was awful after a few episodes of it being on, but a second viewing of the seasons made me realize that it’s really good. The show was well written, and the claymation was pretty good . We need a fourth season even though it closed up with a story arc in the last season that left a lot of people scratching their heads.

04. Futurama

Sure it was removed from FOX and then after many years it was brought back, but not to the extent it was when it was on FOX. The show was witty and charming well not so much charming as compared to some programs that we get on television. Characters like Bender and Zoidberg became internet sensations after the shows cancellation. But after many people begged for the show to come back it finally got it’s return as mentioned above on Comedy Central. Sure it was funny at moments but not as good as the original airing.

03. Clone High

This is a great show. Got canceled because Indians saw a misrepresentation of Gandhi. The show features clones of famous historical people as they struggle with going through high school. The characters are nothing like what they were in reality. Gandhi is a party animal who loves making jokes, Lincoln is an awkward and shy individual. Kennedy is a womanizer. Yes, the show lasted a mere thirteen episodes and aired mainly in Canada and even slightly on MTV in America. Shame people can’t allow a “god” to be made fun of.

02 Firefly

Wait what this is not the number one! How can I rob Joss Whedon of a spot that he deserves. Firely is a great show don’t get me wrong. Having 13 o 14 episodes and a feature film the series has a large following. The show had Nathan Fillion play a Han Solo like character who is the captain of a ship. Very few of the episodes tied in with each other. But they were all very good when they flowed to gether. Sure Firefly has survived via a feature film, comics and novels. Whedon may or may not do a sequel film.

01. Arrested Development

Maybe this should be excluded because it lasted 3 short seasons. But that is not the point. One of the funniest shows I have ever seen in my life and it gets removed before I get to watch it. The cast was great, the writing was sublime. There was nothing wrong with this show other than the lack of viewers. It depresses me that good shows like this get removed while garbage like the Jersey Shore gets to stay on the air. Rumor has it that a movie is on the works for 2012, but Michael Cera is being a little bitch.


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