Movie Review: The King’s Speech

It’s that time of the year when the big shot movie executives put out the films they deem best picture worthy. we got films like Blue Valentine, The Fighter, and others coming out to DVD recently or tot he cinema. The King’s Speech is both based on a true story as well as a novel of the same story.  The film features a well rounded cast of actors portraying the historical figures int his film. While it has received rave reviews one has to wonder if that is going to hurt my personal views on the film.

The film is of course British and very British due ot the nature of the subject matter. It is the time right after World War I. King George V has two songs, Albert and Dave. George is not in the best of health and Dave seems to be doing things that George doesn’t like. The main character has a speech impediment, thus thte title of the film.

The story follows Albert as he meets a doctorand the two work on having him get over his problem. Of course along the way George passes on and Dave succeeds him but Dave has to abdicate due to well marital reasons.

The film climaxes when Albert is to be crowned king but at the same time Hitler is marching into the entire continental Europe. World War II is beginning as the film closes out with his speech so eloquently delivered.

The film is well written but then again it’s based off of a book that was based of true events, so the question is how hard could it be to write something like that? Well maybe the translation is well done from the actual events to the novel to the film but who knows.

What carries out films like these are the actors. Colin Firth as the lead role of Albert/George VI is one of the best acting jobs from 2010. Acting with a stammer and then trying to lose it is impressive enough to be honest. Geoffry Rush turned in yet another phenomenal role as always, though it seems to have become more of an expectation from him than a surprise. Michael Gambon and Guy Pearce had smaller roles as both the father and brother of Albert but both did decent jobs in their little time. Another actress who shines is Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth.

While the acting shone through the cinematography was another one of the films strong suits. Sure it’s not as hard to have good cinematography in a film like this versus say Inception but it was still well done.

Overall this movie is not as great as people make it out to be but it’s still worth a viewing. Maybe not a best picture film but certainly one to be mentioned with the best. 6.5/10.


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