Awards: Golden Globes

Alright, so it’s time for the awards to be distributed. If you remember I posted when the awards were nominated I gave my thoughts on the whole damn thing. Well now they are given out and I am gonna go through them all and tell you my thoughts on why this one won and why it shouldn’t have won!

Gervais was well kind of edgy in the monologue which shocked me a bit, at least from what I’ve heard, I haven’t seen it yet. But the sad thing about it is that Gervais is a hilarious individual and the fact that he had to make mean spirited jokes at others expenses doesn’t surprise me, it’s his style of humor. But anyways I’ll digress and move to some other topic of discussion.

Best picture for a drama film went to The Social Network which doesn’t surprise me in the least. This film had taken in so many rave reviews and what not but to sit there and watch it lose this award would have been shocking. The thing though is it’s competition was tough as both Black Swan and The King’s Speech were heavy favorites to pull the upset. Inception was a long shot but the dark horse being The Fighter.

While the whole Comedy or Musical category was atrocious The Kids are All Right won the awards. It’s what I thought would win but after watching the movie I was unimpressed with it. But then again Alice in Wonderland and the Tourist was not that impressive from what I’ve seen/heard. Even though it wasn’t nominated I was more like surprised that Easy A wasn’t even considered for anything.

I forgot if I said David Fincher would win it or not win it but he did get the win. No surprise as Darren Aronofsky got snubbed yet again, but that’s the purpose of his life to get snubbed at the awards season. Although I felt Christopher Nolan should have won the award for it due to his film’s epic success.

The award for best actor in a drama was handed to Colin Firth for The King’s Speech. Surely Jesse Eisenberg is crying emo tears but the true winner should have been James Franco. You try carrying a film on your own.

Paul Giamatti won for best in a comedy or musical in a category full of rotten to the core movies according to Rotten Tomatoes. Surely Johnny Depp  had a 40% chance of winning and it didn’t even happen.

Emma Stone got robbed in her comedy/musical best actress award as Annette Benning stole it, what a horrible movie The Kids Are All Right was. It was preachy as balls. At least Angie Jolie didn’t win.

How about Natalie Portman winning. Yeah no surprise there. If it weren’t for her that movie wouldn’t have been half as entertaining.

And Christian Bale and Melissa Leo won the only awards for The Fighter as the support crew. Bale deserved that and so did Leo. So no more comments


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