[DAILY LIST] The Best Adventure Time Episodes

For those of you who know me I love the show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. I have two t-shirts from the show because it’s that awesome. The show is great, more adult oriented humor than intended for children. On top of that new episodes are back on for the last part of the second season.

The people who don’t know, the show is about two adventurers, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human. They protect the land of Oooo from evil and stuff. The episodes rarely tie into each other sort of like Spongebob Squarepants. So in honor of the new episodes starting up let’s go through and give out our top ten episode awards.

10. Tree Trunks
If there ever was a character in this show that gives you nightmares it’s this one. A cute and cuddly looking elephant until she opens her mouth it’s really scary. She’s an expert at making apple pies and stuff. But in this episode she wants a CRYSTAL APPLE. This causes her to go with Jake and Finn to get this apple and well…spoiler alert…she takes a bite of it at the end when Finn and Jake realize how frustrating it is to have an “old lady” with them, she vanishes. Pretty creepy episode considering it’s Tree Trunks.

09. Dungeon
Finn and Jake are charged with putting danger signs outside a dangerous dungeon. Finn goes in trying to prove that he can do things without Jake’s magic powers. This is a great Finn episode. The episode feels like a video game level. I love this one scene with the cat, where he goes “greetings Frank the Human Boy” and Finn respons with “HOW DID YOU ALMOST GET IT RIGHT!” Great episode.

08. Power Animal

Finn is kidnapped by gnomes after partying, they need  they need him to power their thing, I don’t know but that is not that important. Jake needs to save him but his ADD  won’t allow him to. Shame. He goes to hunt down Finn and meets the PARTY GOD. Of course this ends horribly. The episode is great if not just for the PARTY GOD

07. It Came From the Nightosphere
Marcelene who appears in a few season one episodes is a vampire who has daddy issues. We meet her father in this one. He is summoned by Finn in an attempt to save the relationship between the father and daughter. Of course it goes awry and he starts sucking up souls. There was a tender moment before Finn sent him packing home.

06. Ricardio The Heart Guy
The episode starts with Finn and Jake destroying the Ice King once more. Princess Bubblegum throws a party in honor of Finn and there we meet Ricardio, voiced by George Takei. Finn gets jealous of Ricardio because he is all up on the Princess. The shocking plot twist is Ricardio is THE ICE KING’S HEART! HOLY CRAP. Great twist.

05. Crystals Have Power
Finn gets sucked into a crystal world and is kidnapped. He is being turned into CRYSTAL FINN and it’s up to tJake to save the day. But after a tussle in the beginning of the episode Jake decides to be passive. This also marks the return of Tree Trunks…as the CRYSTAL QUEEN. Of course it all ends happy when Tree Trunks calls  Finn sexy.

04. The Enchiridion!
Princess Bubblegum tells Finn about a secret book or what not. So Finn and Jake decides to go find this legendary book. Finn questions his heroic ways as he fails to save people or at least that’s what he thinks. Of course the episode ends with a joke about how Finn likes bubblegum.

03. Ocean of Fear
This episode begins with Poots on Newts and that makes it good on it’s own right. The fact that we discover that Finn is afraid of water mainly the ocean is hilarious. Slome of the animated GIFs that originated from this episode is awesome. Jake attempts to get Finn over his fear but it kind of backfires as he almost kills Jake. Of course Mark Hamil provides the voice of Finn’s Fear. That makes this awesome.

02. Wizard
Finn and Jake get trained for free wizard powers but it comes at a cost. The episode begins hilariously as a skeleton offers them the powers. Of course Finn and Jake  accept this and go to the power place. Through the episode they gain powers that leads to the ultimate end. In which they have to sacrifice themselves to save the place. It’s an odd ending. But the fact that Finn and Jake go so far out of their way to get magic powers is pretty damn good.


01. Evicted
This is the bestest episode ever. Jake tells horror stories to Finn about vampires. Of course we meet Marcelene a vampire who happens to own their house. They get kicked out and try to find a new home. Of course when they find out she happens to own it. They have a fight and awesome happens. This episode is just awesome to the max and I’m not 100% sure why though but it is awesome!


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