[MOVIE REVIEW] 127 Hours

127 Hours chronicles the true story of Carnegie Mellon graduate Aron Ralston as he gets trapped in a cave for five days. I feel the need to point out that he went to a very prestigious school because it seems like only an idiot would find a way to get stuck.

The film though stars James Franco as what appears to be the main and possibly the only character in the film worth noting. On top of that the film is directed by Slumdog Millionare director Danny Boyle.

Let me point out though that I didn’t like any of Boyle’s films ever. They tend to bore me and droll on up until th end. Slumdog was an awful movie that got too much credit if you ask me. The fact of the matter is Boyle takes a slow moving subject and paces it that way and makes it something more than it is.

We all know that this is a true story so we really can’t say that the film doesn’t have a compelling story, because it kind of does. When you have a human being stuck in a cave for a few days it’s compelling, but dull. Very dull.  the film has to rely on not writing as much as the performance from it’s lead role.

The writing in the film is not the worst, but it’s not the strongest. Did they pull it from the book Rolston wrote? Who knows, because I didn’t read it. So that means the script is either weak or not bad or what not.

The thing that drives this film though is Franco. He has truly evolved into a good actor. I mean you see him doing roles like Spider-Man and Pineapple Express but you see him having more fun with it than an actual job. In this film he shows off the actual skills he does possess as an actor.  The way he carries himself in the predicament actualy shows some sense of belief to the role, as if Franco really was stuck in the cave.

The editing is the one thing that bothers me and excites me. I’m not so sure what to say though about it. IT’s fast paced and then slows down, the pacing keeps changing. The way that it is shot and the composition mixed together really stands out in this film. I think the two big things about the film that stand out are Franco and the editing.

This film is well done to the point that I can award Boyle credit. The hype behind Boyle’s flawless directing is something that bothers me about most of his films. That and the fact that I found myself easily bored by the film within the first twenty minutes of the film, but I stuck through it. I am giving it a score of an 8/10. It’s not the best film to watch but in a season that is stuck with bad films like Little Fockers this is a stand out.


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