Internship: My Very First Day

Well it’s official I am an intern. Woo go me, and all that fun cheering and stuff. So today was my first day of being an intern over at the local rock station WYSP up in Philadelphia. Let me just say that it was an experience.

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First off being woken up at seven AM by my friend asking me what train I’ll be taking was kind of funny because I thought my alarm would not wake me thank god for him being half an hour early on the dot. The traffic to the station was atrocious and well I barely made it. I deemed that Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is not a train friendly game due to it’s frustratingly large difficulty spikes with bosses and what not. Arriving in the city early I saw an empty Market East Mall and made my way into the building. Of course my name tag spelled my name wrong.

Anyways, I get there and it’s tour time. Eagles pep rally just happened so that was fun hearing about how it went down and how cold it was. One of the people had coffee and that was a big deal, she compared it to being on crack, although she pointed out to me later that she didn’t know what it was like to be on crack. The people I did meet were rather friendly or at least put on that face for new people but I doubt it was like that.

After a nice conversation in the studio with one of the DJ’s it was off to see how to do some serious hardcore work. I.E. updating the website. We had to post via WordPress here, some Photo Galleries. Of course some of the folders on the flash drive were wrong and we confused Quintin Mikell for Juqua Parker but it was fixed by the end of the day. I was shown how to take care of calling the prize winners and filling out paper work for that and other related things.

Sure it was a busy experience and I didn’t take a piss all day and was having to pee like a race horse when I left but had to wait until I got home, but it was a good day to say the least. It went better than I could have expected. So with seven hours down I get to do another seven hours tomorrow.


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