TRON: Legacy Second Thoughts

I saw this film a few nights back with the girlfriend, for those of you who remember I ranted and raved about how awesome the film was and gave it an absurd score of an 11 on a scale of 10 correct? Well after seeing it again I feel that I am justified in letting the film keep that score. Sure maybe I was blown away by fanboyism or was it the visuals. I don’t know why I feel the urge and need to justify my personal feelings and why they are that way to the readers here, but for those of you who say I only liked it for the visuals then most likely you did the same for James Cameron’s AVATAR. I admit the story was not 100% coherent in the film but it works because it doesn’t take itself so seriously like the first on did as well. The film is well done and I guess critics just don’t get the power of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn

That means the rating stays.

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2 responses to “TRON: Legacy Second Thoughts

  • James Kastle

    Fuck yeah! I agree with your rating. Like you said, if it was about the visuals, we would have liked Avatar, but that movie sucks smurf shit.

    • Angerbanjo

      Thank you for your insightful comment Mr. Kastle, while I feel that part of my love for TRON legacy might stem from the fact that it was so close to the original in so many ways, story wise, dialogue wise and even character development. What I think is it leaves it up to you to make up your mind on how the characters are, it’s very wide open. For instance is Castor a good guy or is he just down on his luck trying to make ends meet?

      I hope you enjoy this blog though

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