DAILY LIST: Worst Actors To Win An Academy Award

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate, I’ll be posting several posts today hopefully all of which are lists. And of course the night will climax with a review of the new Doctor Who Holiday Special. I am so stoked for that but first after watching a random video of Nicholas Cage I have compiled this list of actors who most likely had a fluke performance and won an Academy Award out of the blue.

07. Sean Penn for his performance in Milk

I hate Sean Penn. Look at that smug ass mother fucker. They made fun of his ass in Team America and what happened. He got fucking pissed. They did the same to Alec Baldwin and he loved it. Penn is such a douche bag. How does he win awards? Does he seriously suck on people’s cocks? I heard this movie was great but it’s Sean Penn, maybe he’ll knife them if he says something otherwise. Penn also beat out phenomenal performances form Brad Pitt (Benjamin Button) and Mickey Rourke (Wrestler).

06. F. Murray Abraham for his performance in Amadeus

Did not care for this movie. The fact that his movie won awards irked me but what irks me more is this actor who I have not seen, who did not dominate the screen the way I thought he would have based on what I heard is what irks me. Jeff Bridges got robbed that year. It was up until last year that the theory was Bridges was hated by the Academy and it seemed all but true. Sam Worthington almost won best Actor before Bridges did. Also the film was inaccurate to the max.

05. Sean Penn for his performance in Mystic River

Ah so I see Sean Penn rears his ugly head around again. Much hate for him but at least it’s not Ben Affleck here. Penn is once again egocentric or at least looks like it in the above video. This movie isn’t even that great, I think he threatened to cut someone’s balls off to win this award. To win this award Penn beat out four superior actors including Johnny Depp (Pirates 1), Sir Ben Kingsley (House of Sand and Fog), Jude Law (Cold Mountain), and mother fucking Bill Murray (Lost in Translation).

04. Cuba Gooding Jr. for his support in Jerry McGuire

Sure he won Best Supporting Actor but that is still an Academy Award. Gooding has gone on to little to no career success and the catch phrase “Show me the money” must really haunt him as he does films in which he is on a gay cruise circa 2000. That year Gooding edged out strong performances from James Woods, Edward Norton, and virtually robbed William H. Macy for his role in Fargo

03. Roberto Benegini for his performance in Life is Beautiful

I don’t need too look any farther into him other than the fact that he isn’t American and he wins an American award (I’m kidding) but also his lack of films is quite scary. Sure he’s been in only a handful of films but that really doesn’t bode well for you as an actor. You beat out Sir Ian McKellan, Tom Hanks and Edward Norton in an all out acting duel and even whop Nick Nolte’s ass as well. There has to be something amiss here.

02. Jamie Foxx for his performance in Ray

Jamie Foxx had one good year in the terms of being in movies. Sure he got the role of a lifetime by playing Ray Charles in a biopic but he also costarred in a Michael Mann film with Tom Cruise. His career took a nose dive too not far after that and now look at him, he’s a failing musical artist. Sure he was good in Ray but I didn’t see it. He faced some steep competition too, Leonardo DiCaprio was very OCD in the Aviator, Johnny Depp was a damn good pedophile in Finding Neverland, Don Cheadle discussed genocide in Hotel Rowanda and of course it wouldn’t be a year without Clint Eastwood getting a nom.

01. Nicholas Cage for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas

Cage is notorious for taking on almost any movie thrown his way. This coming year within the first four months of 2011 we’ll see his mug splattered on the big screen at least twice with two films that should be straight to DVD (Season of the Witch, Drive Angry 3-D). While Cage has done some well rounded work we can’t overlook his recent slew of horrible films with a smile and turn the other cheek. Sure he’s entertaining to watch some times but he’s just down right awful most of the times. The year he won his competition included a knight, a gay and a Jew. That’s Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sean Penn and Richard Dreyfuss. Of course Cage edged them out shockingly.


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