DAILY LIST: The Best Of Doctor Who Since 2005 Reboot

What a fun day this is shaping up to be. Third list of the day and this time it’s in honor of the good Doctor who always seems to come forward on the holiday and make things bright. This year though for the first time ever the Doctor airs on X-Mas here, stateside. For those interested it’s on at 9 PM eastern and on BBC America. There will be a review of the episode at some point tonight, hopefully I can watch it, stupid greedy family might prevent me so the review might come later. Anywhoos the series came back in 2005 after a brief absence but it returned with a bang and here is a list of the best of the best episodes from the previous five seasons. A little note, multi part episodes are going to count as one so I feel like I need to point that out now…

15. Father’s Day
Episode Number: Season 1 Episode 8
Doctor: Ninth Doctor
Writer: Paul Cornell

Rose takes advantage of the Doctor’s TARDIS by going back into time to prevent her fathers’ death thus ruining the very fabric of the time space continuum. Wow very deep. While the world is being ripped and torn to shreds by these demons the Doctor is angry at Rose to no end but hey he’s still willing to fix the shit Rose got into. The Doctor almost disposes of Rose at the end of the episode but he soon realizes that she is truly sorry for seriously fucking shit up and keeps her if not just for the sex.

14. Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks
Episode Number: Season 3 Episode 4, 5
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Writer: Helen Raynor

This episode really speaks to how anyone can change. The Daleks supreme council is in Manhattan building the giant tower so that they can do something with it. I’m purposely withholding plot details so I don’t give away too much. Just know it takes place in the Great Depression. The Dalek leader soon becomes a half human hybrid Dalek and things go odd for him as he suddenly realizes how wrong the Daleks are and well by then it’s too late as everything collapses around the Daleks.

13. The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

Episode Number: Season 5 Episode 4, 5
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Writer: Steven Moffat
The usual for this one. The weeping angels are back. River Song is encountered for only the second time in the entire show’s run. And Amy Pond fucks things up. Well that’s no surprise. The fact that through the entire season there is a crack in almost every episode tying it all together at the end is pretty consistent. The weeping angels always catch me off guard mainly because of the fact that they are bloody statues. Also a two parter in which almost every character with you dies is pretty cool if you think about it. The shocker comes at the end when we find out about the crack.

12. The Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel
Episode Number: Season 2 Episode 5, 6
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Writer: Tom McRae

First time scribe here brings back a semi-potent villain of the Docs and it’s the cybermen. At one point they were lethal and deadly but near the end they become doddering and joke like. Set in an alternate dimension than the series takes place the main cast is dragged into a whole new advanced, well kinda, world in which Rose’s dad is still alive. There we meet a crazy man who is dying and is trying to prevent his own death by turning the entire world into cyber people? Odd. This two part really hits home when Mickey leaves the show and Rose reveals that she is Pete Tyler from another dimensions daughter. Powerful stuff, ‘cept alternate dimension stuff? How did the TARDIS get there, oh it was just dragged.

11. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
Episode Number: Season 2 Episode 8, 9
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Writer: Matt Jones
This is a really well done two part episode from a first time Who scribe. The fact that Rose and The Doctor get stuck on a “space base” on a planet orbiting around a black hole and the TARDIS falls into a pit and all shit breaks loose is a rather vague plot outline for the first episode. But this two parter really picks up when the Doctor goes and confronts the “Beast” of which looks lame but the fact is he beats the shit out of the devil with just words. “So you’re just an idea!” is pretty much the words I would use that destroy the “beast” and I have to say the symbolism here is rather deep and potent.

10. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

Episode Number: Season 1 Episode 9, 10
Doctor: Ninth Doctor
Writer: Steven Moffat
This is the episode we are introduced to American soldier who volunteered for the Brits Jack Harkness. Of course the Doctor gets jealous since you know Rose makes pretty googoo faces at him. What ensues is a series of one upsmanship amongst the two. Totally ignoring the fact that there is a creepy as fudge kid with a gas mask on asking “are you my mummy” constantly, thus freaking out everyone. Granted this is a two parter so the story is more spread out and we get a huge punch to the gut when the solution is discovered and we learn that at the time Harkness is not a very good guy.

09. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
Episode Number: Season 4 Episode 9, 10
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Writer: Steven Moffat

Moffat introduces us to a soon to be recurring character who has met the Doctor before in his future and her past or something like that. River Song always confuses me to the end. I thought looking back that this was the weakest season but in all honesty it looks like it might be one of the better ones. The Doctor is in a vast library that is totally empty except for Song and her expedition team. Let’s just say there is a very not friendly monster in there that if you have two shadows you are pretty much fudged. Great two parter from Moffat and this list is making me want to do nothing but Who today…

08. The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End
Episode Number: Season 4 Episode 12, 13
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Writer: Russel T. Davies

Davies closes out the fourth series with a bang. The Daleks are stealing the earth from it’s orbit or something like that. It’s rather interesting as guess who makes her triumphant return to tears that makes every fan boy happy. Not only that but the Doctor gets cloned and is well…human and not Time Lordy. We meet the resurrected arch nemesis of the Doctor, Davros. Davros is the creator of the Daleks FYI. The Doctor has been putting off regeneration cause he’s greedy like that and we get a fond and tearful farewell to Rose Tyler, which brings tears to even the hardest of hearts.

07. Turn Left
Episode Number: Season 4 Episode 11
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Writer: Russel T. Davies

Ah, this episode much like some others on this list is just bloody brilliant. It’s like the Marvel Comics What If series that doesn’t seem to be as effective. Sure the companion in this season is the slightly uh dislikable Donna Noble but this one episode may focus on her but it is interesting how they spin it, what if Donna turned left that one day instead of making the turn she did, how would the world be different. And it works. It’s genius, until the end that is but then everything gets resolved ultimately the usual way.

06. The End of Time
Episode Number: Christmas/New Years Specials Following Season 4
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Writer: Russel T. Davies

This is Davies last run on the programme and it’s a dozy. Of course The Doctor is getting ready to regenerate due to the fact that there has been so much foreshadowing especially form the vagina monsters known as the Ood. Your song must end or something like that and of course being a selfish man the Doctor doesn’t want to go. Of course he has to face some kind of serious threat. Oh yeah let’s bring the Master back and have him be super diabolical. Yes brilliant. He takes over every single person on earth and brings the Time Lords from back in time via the Time War and all hell breaks loose. Of course we all know how this ends with the Doctor saving everyone but how is well something I’ll leave out.

05. Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords

Episode Number: Season 3, Episode 11, 12, 13
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Writer: Russel T. Davies
Davies brings back the greatest foe the Doctor has ever faced…The Master…all in this three part season finale. The way it’s written, the fact that the Master never died but has been biding his time, his very essecne hidden in a pocket watch. He comes back with the help of the Doctor’s TARDIS and screws with time itself so that he is Prime Minister (Who is Saxon?) and the whole world is at his beck and call, even the Doctor. Brillaint that it comes down to Martha Jones to save the day. Bloody brillaint finale.

04. Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways
Episode Number: Season 1 Episode 12, 13
Doctor: Ninth Doctor
Writer: Russel T. Davies

Davies brings back the entire Dalek race in a seemingly insurmountable way. The fleet has traveled through time and are right outside a giant satellite where a previous episode took place except this time it’s where they shoot game shows. Captain Jack Harkness gives us a fond farewell as he learns via some one’s meddling that he cannot die. Rose is sent home by the Doctor in order to protect her but she soon realizes she can’t be without him. Of course she breaks all the rules in order to get back to him and destroys the Daleks almost single handedly. And it all ends with a kiss.

03. Amy’s Choice
Episode Number: Season 5 Episode 7
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Writer: Simon Nye

The Dream Lord or whatever he calls himself has gotten into the TARDIS and is tricking Rory and Amy and the Doctor himself into what world is real and what isn’t. When are you sleeping and when are you awake, is the true question here. Thus leaving the ultimate decision up to young Amy Pond to figure out what world is real and what isn’t. It’s an intense episode that leaves you a little wondering bout what would happen if….well you know she chose differently. The ending was a little weak.

02. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
Episode Number: Season 2 Episode 12, 13
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Written By: Russel T. Davies

This episode brought back the Cybermen as ghosts thus tricking all of London into opening the dimensional gate from the previous time we saw Cybermen thus allowing them to march on through. Rose frees the last remaining Daleks who traveled through time to reach London circa 2006 and a tearful ending brings about one of the saddest season finales of any show I have ever seen. It also has a lot of foreshadowing as Rose in the beginning of both episodes quotes herself saying “This is the story of how I die…”

01. Blink!
Episode Number: Season 3 Episode 10
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Written By: Steven Moffat

Legendary scribe Moffat weaves a wonderful tale of how the Doctor is stuck in 1969 and it’s partially in fact due to a series of angel statues quite simply known as the Weeping Angels. The fact that the Doctor is rarely in this episode makes it even more alluring. Carey Mulligan plays Sally Sparrow who must solve the case of the Angels before they feast upon the TARDIS and eventually burn out the bloody sun. The climax is amazing and the fear that we get…holy moly. This is the best Who episode ever.

Fifteen episodes or at least fifteen stories. That should conclude it, so until later tonight, see you in the TARDIS.

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One response to “DAILY LIST: The Best Of Doctor Who Since 2005 Reboot

  • Andy

    15. School Reunion
    14. Turn Left
    13. Amy’s Choice
    12. Unicorn and the Wasp
    11. Stolen Earth/Journeys end
    10. Bad Wolf/Parting of Ways
    9. Aliens of London/ WW3
    8. Boom Town
    7. Girl in the Fireplace
    6. Empty Child/ Doctor Dances
    5. Blink
    4. Silence in the Library/Forest of the dead
    3. Human Nature/Family of Blood
    2. End of Time
    1. Midnight

    Honorable Mentions: Fathers Day, Voyage of the Damned, Daleks in Manhatten/ Evolution of the Daleks, Utopia/Sounds of Drums, Impossible Planet/Satan Pit

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