Sentimental Purposes

Tonight was my final night as a DJ on KUR. It’s been five years for me. And it’s been a great ride. I was going to post a long post here, like a memoir but I decided against it half way through it. I’ve decided that I should just post my final thought about being a DJ on a college station. I posted a Facebook status saying that I’m going to miss this, and it’s my last hour or something like that; it was soon flooded with a few comments from a few people. Compliments followed about the show and one of them from my good pal DTM who was there since the beginning pointed out “No dude, your work will be recognized by those who witnessed it, and the fact that you did an awesome job should be all you need as a reward. From the days of the nightwatch, until tri-force, you’ve done really well. Hats off to you.” And those were his exact words.

It brought a tear to my eye. I couldn’t believe I was crying over something like this. It’s just a radio show. Nothing more than that. I thought about what he said and posted a response. I felt like it summed up my feelings towards working on the radio in a giant paragraph, actually it was more like a paper. I didn’t use proper grammar because it’s Facebook. Does anyone use grammar on the book?

“this is really hard for me to do, to say goodbye, i never was good at them, because it never really was goodbye but this….this is goodbye, i looked forward to this every single week and it always put a smile on my face.

ya know, getting stuff out there, most of the time people were like what is this, i like it.

i remember i got courtney and mindy into one band so much that they had to see them live. i got so many people into so many new bands. it’s something that i’m going to miss, giving people new music to latch on to.

i got into this i think for the right reasons, to spread my love of music, to give people new music for them to hear and i think i did that effectively through the multiple changes of genres, stuff people never heard of. most people going into the first show hadn’t heard of some of the stuff i played or they had but not that song. that’s one thing i loved doing, people telling me i love this song, who is it.

i love everyone who helped make this possible, the people who encouraged me, the people who listened every week or most weeks. i hope maybe i can do this for a living, even if it’s brief it’s something i wouldn’t mind doing.

i feel both blessed and honored to have been part of KUR for the past five years being a staple in the late night programming block every semester, i feel like the Conan O’Brien of KUR except i have to leave and am not being forced out. there will be a hole one night a week from 10-12 and it’s because it can’t be filled by anyone (not trying to be vain)”


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