Finale Finale Finale

Okay so apparently last week was a lie and it wasn’t my final show. I was coaxed into a Finals Week Edition of the Triforce. Well thing is it isn’t the Triforce this week since Andy is called off to some family event that is yearly and Tim is half an hour late doing homework during the Finals Week, so it’s just me for now. Tonight we got Kyle’s Top Radio Friendly Songs Of 2010, we’ll do some countdowns and maybe give out a KUR t-shirt on the air to some contest winner. The moose will defend itself for those who are upset about that and well we’ll talk bull. The list is after the jump

Hour 1: Tim’s Songs and the Countdown Begins

1. The Decemberists – January Hymn (WORLD PREMIER)
2. Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (Tim)
3. Company of Thieves – Even in the Dark (Tim)
4. Destroyer – The Way of Perpetual Roads (Tim)
5. The Shins – Red Rabbits (Tim)
6. Laura Veirs – Cool Water (Tim)
7. Iron and Wine – Bird Stealing Bread (Tim)

The Countdown Begins (15 Songs, 1 Hour and 10 Minutes)
15. Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (Kyle)
14. Of Montreal – Coquet Couqette (Kyle)
13. Minus the Bear – The Thief (Kyle)
12. Spoon – Written In Reverse (Kyle)
11. The National – Afraid of Everyone (Kyle)
10. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio (Kyle)
09. Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish (Kyle)
08. Broken Bells – Sailing to Nowhere (Kyle)
07. Vampire Weekend – Giving up the Gun (Kyle)
06. Los Campensinos! – The Sea is a Good Place to Think O’ The Future (Kyle)
05. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass (Kyle)
04. The Decemberists – Down By the Water (Kyle)
03. Cee-Lo Green- Fuck You (Kyle)
02. Ben Folds – The Levi Johnston Blues (Kyle)
01. Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait (Kyle)

Happy Holidays from the Enterprise

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