BREAKING: Jon Favereau Won’t Touch Iron Man 3

This is huge news. Reported by Rob Bricken over at Topless Robot as well as FilmDrunk. The article cites multiple reasons why Favereau will drop the third film in the Iron Man Trilogy, which so far has been phenomenal, with the first one raking in rave reviews and huge money and the second one getting good reviews and nice money.

Favereau’s disgust with the studio began most recently during the production of Iron Man 2. The veteran director complained on how Marvel Studios wanted to stuff all the Avengers stuff down the throats of movie goers in the film.

No that's not how you butt sex

For those of you who didn’t notice, Black Widow, who may or may not appear in the Avengers film was placed in the story and it seemed forced. S.H.I.E.L.D came back but not in a easy going way but more in a forced way. The main agent who was with Tony Stark was sent to New Mexico to find “Thor’s Hammer” and the Cap’s shield appears in the film. On top of that they put Nick Fury in there albeit briefly and only to set up the Avengers Initiative.

Imagine how the film would have turned out say if none of this was forced, would we have gotten another amazing film like Iron Man 1, sources say most likely. But the studios Avengers love isn’t the only reason why the director is disgruntled. Remember who played Rhodey in the first film? Accomplished minor actor Terrance Howard, and in the second? Accomplished actor Don Cheadle. Apparently the studio low balled not just Favereau on a third film but low balled several actors including Howard, of whom they just let go, in the second.

Reports though say that the director got 10 million for the sequel and he and his agent wanted somewhere in the ballpark of up to 15 million for a third and 15% of the revenue or something like that. Marvel won’t take that.

Alright so your character got a deeper voice and blacker this time around, this is so fucked up

Bricken on his site cited five reasons, of his own, on why the director won’t be sitting in the chair. One of which being the low salary Marvel offered to him after the two films were hits. He also went on to point out that Marvel is putting the series on hold until other projects are out such as Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America are out later this year. But it’s not just those two films that would have to be released prior to an Iron Man 3 release but The Avengers which is to be directed by Joss Whedon. And that film hasn’t even begun anything yet other than maybe pre-production.

This is bad news for fans of the character and the film series. But that means if there is no work being done on it until 2012 at the earliest then a new director, say a young upstart, could take the role for less. Think…me!

Favereau though isn’t missing sleep or his paycheck though as the director’s next work is slated for a summer release and it’s also a comic adaptation. Cowboys and Aliens stars Daniel Craig (Casino Royale), Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Star Wars), Olivia Wilde (Tron: Legacy), and Sam Rockwell (Moon, Iron Man 2).


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