YEAR END LIST: Best Songs of 2010

Alright, my fellow colleague Mike Pop compiled a list of his 50 favorite songs of the year, I feel obliged to do something similar except not on Facebook because that just seems so formal. So I’m compiling a list, not sure how long, without links to videos and shit because that would make this take forever to post and for you to read. I’ll post a little comment about the song while I’m at it. So without further ado here is my list.

25. the New Pornographers – Your Hands (Together) off of Together

The first song that was online from the album, it is catchy and very well written and performed. It’s been a while since I actually listened to the song. Upon further listening I deemed it to start off the list for the top songs of the year. And I’m only doing 25 due to the fact that there is so many songs and stuff.

24. MGMT – Flash Delirium off of Congratulations

I didn’t like this album that much but this single reminded me more of the previous album than almost any other song on the album. It had the catchy vibe that Kids or Electric Feel had. It reminds you that even if a band puts out a so-so album they can still have a good song or two on the album.

23. Neon Trees – Animal off of Habits

I know this song should be higher but I disagree. It’s catchy, and a hit but at the same time that’s why it’s not high up there. It’s too much of a hit for it to be great. It literally feels like a general alternative rock pop song. It’s the kind of song that stays in your head for a bit but other than that nothing super memorable.

22. Laura Marling – I Speak Because I Can off off I Speak Because I Can

I remember when I first listened to this album this was the song that I enjoyed the most. Lyrically it’s the strongest on the album as well as style wise. The theme behind it is rather interesting, as you look at the title of the song as well as the gender of the musician. It’s a statement. It’s a mellow and somber song and there is nothing wrong with that.

21. Portugal. The Man – 1000 Years

I was just listening to this album earlier because I thought they had a new album out. The song is under three minutes which is interesting. The vocals are in the beginning a falsetto but that’s to be expected at times with PTM. The song’s lyrics and beat leave you with a head bobbing feel.

20. Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk off of Tourist History

I really dig the style this band is going for. The electronic aggressive sound that bands like LC! have established. The way the song goes is its very very fast when it comes to guitars and the synths. The lyrics don’t stand out as much as other songs but it fits the way the band is going for the sound at least.

19. Circa Survive – Imaginary Enemy off of Blue Sky Noise

This song is odd for me to post in my list. This song though reminds me of Fight Club well that’s why I made a video that got taken down by YouTube. The lyrics to this song make it stand out as compared to the rest of the album which isn’t awful. I remember hearing it on the radio all the time and it started to get a little annoying and old but I still dig it.

18. Yeasayer – O.N.E. off of Odd Blood

Good song, I discovered it through MTVU. The video is odd and creepy but I really dug the electronic sound that the song has. I really don’t have a lot to say about this song other than how unique it is and how well it stands out, mainly the video itself.

17. Motion City Soundtrack – Pulp Fiction

Okay so I know most of you will think this song doesn’t belong but come on this song is a bright spot on a so-so album. This song rocks catchiness like old MCS would and it’s got some pretty good lyrics for them. For an early release this song still makes me want to get up and dance. Also MCS is a band I would want to do drugs and booze with.

16. Beach House – Zebra off of Teen Dream

The lead track off of their awesome album starts off really soothingly and calm. I love the way the track goes slow and the vocals coo in the beginning. I love how the song remains mellow throughout the entire track and the lyrics are somber and soothing. This is a good lead track to an album and a good fit on this list.

15. Daft Punk – Derezzed off of the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

Well I have to break genre here and say this song is amazing. Really good, really nice sound to it. Look at the video for Christ’s sake. An amazing song off of an amazing soundtrack for an amazing film. Do I have to say anymore!?

14. Of Montreal – Coquet Coquette off of False Priest

Of Montreal can do anything they want. Aggressive, passive, soothing, acoustic, eccentric, anything you name it. This track displays their peaceful nature and soothing and well written lyrics. Kevin Barnes vocals display his vast arsenal of styles and the like. This track stands out on an eerie album that is just bizarre like the rest of their library.

13. Spoon – Written in Reverse off of Transference

Great song, catchy guitars. I love it, it’s a shame it came out so early in the year so it’s gotten buried by other songs and at the same time it gets lost in the other songs that may not be as good. I love the chorus to this song, so simple yet so effective in this case. It’s beautiful and should be remembered as one of the better songs of 2010

12. Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish off of Plastic Beach

The Gorillaz are awesome. No need to argue or bring up anything else. This song is my favorite simply because of it’s light hearted feel and good natured sound. I love how they make lines about King Neptune and radioactivity. Very cleverly written and it makes you smile by the time the song is over. Great work from a great group.

11. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio/Afraid of Everyone off of High Violet

This is a tie. I love both tracks, a lot. I’m trying to avoid repeats on the list but this is the one exception. I loved High Violet, it’s easily one of the more accomplished albums of the year. And both these songs are highly polished and well done. From Bloodbuzz’s dark and menacing feel to Everyone’s somber and peaceful sound I just dug these two for their contrasting sounds.

10. Minus the Bear – The Thief off of OMNI

Minus the Bear have evolved recently with their albums and it is shown through the names especially. This is my favorite song off a solid album. I love the lyrics and how it isn’t all about sex and drugs and booze like almost every MTB song was. I remember going through the album multiple times and this being the one that stood out to me every time. The other tracks are good, don’t get me wrong, this is the best.

9. Vampire Weekend – Cousins off of Contra

I know this is a hipster song, so hipster and stuff, or at least that’s what I’ll be told. I dig this song. Catchy beat, catchy chorus. Everything about it is just catchy. I like that in songs sometimes and if it’s a Vampire Weekend song then that’s what I want. They try to have that retro British feel to them ala the Smiths sometimes and it backfires but when they just say fuck it it works for them more than it should.

8.  Broken Bells – Sailing to Nowhere off of Broken Bells

I love James Mercer, I love the Shins and at first I hated this album simply because it was not the Shins. The High Road was a great song that got over played but this song played to Mercer’s strengths with a more acoustic sound. I really dig the way it feels like a Radiohead track though in the beginning, it’s pretty freaking neat.

7. Los Campensinos! – The Sea is a Good Place To Think O’ the Future off of Romance is Boring

Everyone forgot about this album this year. It wasn’t as great as their last one but it still had a few stand out songs. This one is my favorite, it’s slow and it changes up it’s subject a few times. I really like some of the lines in the song, especially the one about the triple A on every video game machine. It’s a shame this album didn’t get enough credit, it was good.

6. OK GO – This Too Shall Pass off of Of The Blue Colour of The Sky

God I hate the album title so much. This song is catchy and has a nice steady beat to it. I can’t help but love it even if it is played on the radio every thirty minutes, it’s one of those songs that make you happy and dance to. I love the beat it has and for some reason I’m left thinking about the Muppets for some odd reason.

5. Belle and Sebastian – I Want the World to Stop off of Write About Love

Great song from a great band. While the beat is constant and the vocals are steady throughout the entire song, I really love how it just feels like your stereotypical B+S song. It’s awesome how they didn’t try to change in the least. The chorus is catchy like B+S songs should be. Go out and buy this record immediately.

4. Ben Folds and Nick Hornby – The Levi Johnston Blues off of Lonely Avenue

This song is a gimme I guess. I’ve been raving about it for so long that it has to make my list. While the lyrics are written by Hornby have the theme of growing up and fighting it Folds adds the touch that makes the song probably one of the most hilariously awesome songs of the year. The subject, a one Levi Johnston, makes for an interesting character study. Why? The song is about a basic nobody who knocked up Bristol Palin. Like the Visa commercials, Priceless.

3. The Decemberists – Down by the Water off the upcoming The King Is Dead

When the band announced a new album I was stoked. When they said it wasn’t a concept album I was pleased as punch. Nothing against Hazards but I like it when their songs don’t tie in together. The band made this song free for download with a legit e-mail. And it’s great. Down by the Water has a feel like a folky Bruce Springsteen/REM, granted lyrically the song isn’t as powerful as previous work and it’s more poppy, but I think that’s the REM influence there, The King is Dead drops January 11.

2. Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You off of The Lady Killer

This track has to win an award for catchiest song in the history of songs. This song has that 1950’s feel that you just can’t get out of your head. Yes it’s vulgar, but it’s beautiful. I absolutely love how Cee-Lo was able to turn this into a mega hit, this is probably the oddest member of my list.

1. Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait off of The Suburbs

One of the later songs on the best album of the year starts off with the haunting piano and the haunting vocals of Win Butler. The lyrics on this track in particular draw me in, it’s got a deep meaning to it as well as the eerie regrets yet looking to the future for positive theme. The video though really helped sell it, check it out as I pointed out in the previous post.


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