DAILY LIST: Top 10 Albums of 2010

It’s been a long time since I did a list so here it is as the actual 2010 year comes to a close I’ve compiled the best albums from this year and placed it in a nice little list here. There are some honorable mentions to be mentioned but at the end. To be honest when I was compiling the list there were so many albums that I missed but at the same time didn’t regret missing because unlike next year or the previous year there wasn’t much hype for me on most of these albums. I’ll do a hyped up list later though for 2011.

10. OK GO – Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

This album barely makes the list, no offense to the guys of OK GO. This album is a good one don’t get me wrong but what really stands out are the singles. This Too Shall Pass is one of my favorite songs of 2010 not just because of the music video but because of the catchiness of the chorus. Generally choruses are annoying if they are catchy but OK Go capture something here. WTF is another good song on the album and I really dig it, although it’s been a while since I’ve actually listened to it. OK Go starts off the list with an 8/10

9. Band of Horses – Infinite Arms

When the first single Compliments was released I was pleased as bunch to debut it on the Kyle and Tim Show. It was a great track that showed how much Band of Horses can switch between styles. The album as a whole though fit together like a nice puzzle. Granted their next hit single was featured on the Twilight soundtrack I overlooked that and felt the album gave us something other albums this year didn’t, good music. Laredo is my favorite off the album even though it was on Twilight it was still a good song. Band of Horses is so good Cee-Lo had to cover it. This album also receives an 8/10. And as a side note I am let down that this is not a band made of horses.

8. Two Door Cinema Club –Tourist History

What a great debut album. Really this is a great album. From and electronic standpoint this album is almost as solid as Passion Pit’s last year. There are no tracks that honestly stand out from the rest as they all seem to blend in together. I really dig the sound these guys are going for and can’t wait to hear from them again. Another 8/10 album for this list.

7. Tokyo Police Club – Champ

This album is great! I mean as a follow up to their first album I’m a little shaky on saying anything, I loved the debut album to death, so many great songs on it, so many catchy sounds. My big complaint with this one is that there are no stand out songs, they are all good don’t get me wrong but none of them stand out like on Elephant Shell tracks such as Your English is Good, Nursery Academy, The Harrowing Adventures Of… all stood out and were great songs but to me this album misses those, maybe I haven’t listened enough to get it full but what evs this is an 8.3/10 album anyways.

6. Vampire Weekend – Contra

This is what happens when you release an album early in the year, people forget about it until the last moment. Grrrrr, I forgot about it until I started this list. This album may not have stand out tracks but most if not all are catchy. The first single Cousins is catchy and having not heard it like one billion times since it’s release I can say I still like it as I bob my head to it right now. The last track I Think UR a Contra ends the album beautifully and all in all Vampire Weekend delivers a solid if not superb follow up to the debut album that was left spinning in people’s record players for a few months until they surfaced and became popular and then all the hipsters cried because they can’t listen to mainstream stuff, I’m looking at you Mike Pop, Mr. Mainstream. 8.7/10, this album prolly should be higher but I’m not sure on that.

5. Of Montreal – False Priest

Don’t pretend you understand them. Of Montreal is a bizarre band that makes little to no sense to anyone and False Priest does that. With odd titles that make no sense Kevin Barnes and co deliver another stellar album after Skeletal Lamping a few years back this album blows you away after a few listens. The album which is 13 songs of oddity. This one is an 8.8/10.

4. Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love

This is a good album, it’s nice to hear from these guys after so many years. I wrote a review here a few weeks back and praised it for what it was and what it didn’t try to be. It’s got some good stand out tracks that really make you want to listen to them on repeat, it’s your typical Belle and Sebastian album, although I forgot what I gave it so I won’t lie and post something different, it’s a must have for indie fans as well as fans of the band.

3. The National – High Violet

I never really listened to the National that much and now looking back that’s a sin. High Violet is an amazing album. Bloodbuzz Ohio, which was the first single was impressive, it was the first time I ever listened to the band and I was just impressed. Maybe it’s a bad thing. The album dropped and I picked up a copy and listened to it a few times. It’s solid, amazing, impressive. Each track has it’s own life, Afraid of Everyone is another track that stands out, like Bloodbuzz it’s one of my favorite tracks off this album. I only hope they can make more albums like this…fucking amazing, 9.5/10

2. Ben Folds and Nick Hornby – Lonely Avenue

Ben Folds adds music to Nick Hornby’s lyrics. What a great combo. This album delivers more than most albums this year. I love it every single bit of it. I wish I had this on vinyl. Oh god. The genius that is Folds shines through on the tracks as he can make almost everything sound good. Seeing him live was oh my god, I’m lame. Tracks stand out on this album as Folds attempts to make them sound similar but different. The Levi Johnston Blues is probably the best track on the album. Saskia Hamilton follows suit in the idea of different styles but great songs. I wrote a review the same time I wrote a review for Belle.

1. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

What did you expect Kanye West’s latest awesome epic album to be number 1? Fuck Kanye. Arcade Fire delivers a masterpiece but the problem is it’s so overrated at times that it irritates me, actually not really. This album is so well done from the first track to the last that you just can’t hate on this album. It flows really well from track to track that you have to sit there and listen to the whole thing. From the opening to the ending this album leaves you wanting more. Arcade Fire is the future of indie rock music. Check out the link in Chrome for awesome imagery and computer stuff.

Now some honorable mentions!

Cee-Lo Green – The Lady Killer –> Fuck You is easily one of the best songs of the year

Neon Trees – Habits –> Animal is catchy but overplayed thus hurting this album’s chances

Broken Bells – Broken Bells –> S/T barely misses the list due to outstanding other albums

Matt and Kim – Sidewalks –> Weak ending to the album hurt it’s long term listens

MGMT – Congratulations –> Trying to be different with electronic sounds slightly falls short of the last album

Shout Out Louds – Work –> Maybe I didn’t listen enough to love this album as much, it’s alright though

New Pornographers – Together –> Catchy and hip, this album sounds great and is great, just not great enough

She and Him – Vol 2. –> Love Zooey but the album didn’t have lots of listens though, got old fast still good

Spoon – Transference –> Written In Reverse was an awesome single, album as a whole doesn’t stand against rest of list.

Think I missed something? Want to argue? Well go ahead and do so in the comment section

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