DAILY LIST: Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

I’m on a list frenzy. This is awesome, I’ve finally gotten around to doing the list thing and have gotten ideas. After posting the albums and songs of the year. So what about next year? How about I put forth my list of albums I can’t help but want to get my hands on.

The list begins by clicking right below!

10. The Strokes – TBA – TBA

It’ll be entering the fifth year since we heard anything new from the whole band. They have been on a hiatus for a long time and it’s getting to the point where it seems like they might not get an album at all. But sources have pointed out that they are in the studio or they are mixing the album. But there is hope. Though the album has no name and no set release date one can anticipate a late 2011 release, I’d say about September if not August.

9. REM – Collapse Into Now – Spring 2011

The band is finally putting out new material and some could say it’s about time. Not being the biggest fan of the band I can’t really say that or not. But it’s always good to see new music from an older band that has a lot of respect around the industry. The question is this though, will it maintain the old REM sound with new elements or will it be all new.

8. Beck – TBA – TBA

Ah Beck, how I love your eccentric electronic sounds that you make. It’ll be three years this summer since Modern Guilt was released and he still hasn’t turned anything out. Beck though did state in an interview that he would like to release a song by summer’s end. Not sure if that is summer 2010 or 2011. Who knows. Beck told Pitchfork that he has been working on new material. Expect it to drop around late 2011 if not until 2012.

7. Cut Copy – Zonoscope – February 2011

Cut Copy is putting out their third album this year. Yet little is known about it, there is no tracklisting anywhere and the only thing anyone has heard is a leaked single on the internet. Here is hoping that this is a very electronic album like their previous work and that it is catchy as all get up.

6. Fleet Foxes – TBA – TBA

After dominating 2008’s awards season online Fleet Foxes finally gets back into the studio and began working on their newest album. The album of which doesn’t have a name is slated for an early 2011 release, which means summer or fall to be honest. The fact that a band has been in the studio since April 2010 doesn’t hurt the fact that the album is gonna be put out in the coming months.

5. Bright Eyes – The People’s Key – February 15, 2011

Conor Oberst announced that he wants to get rid of the Bright Eyes monkier and that this will be the last album under the Bright Eyes name. Shame. It’s an album I’m looking forward to mainly cause it’s the last one we’ll ever hear from Bright Eyes, Oberst puts the album out on his 31st birthday which is ironic but I’m sure the album will be gold.

4. Radiohead – TBA – TBA

Since In Rainbows was a success both in sales and the internet Radiohead has been selling out shows constantly. While they have put out 2 songs since the albums release (new songs) they said that they won’t be making a new album any time soon and only be doing EPs but hey, Thom Yorke is crazy and they announced a new album, in the studio right now so we could be jamming out to new Radiohead in the summer if not fall.

3. The Shins – TBA – TBA

The Shins have been gone for a few years, mainly since they semi-flopped with Wincing the Night Away. If lead singer James Mercer got his electronic stuff out of his system then the next Shins album should be more like the first tow. Granted there is no title of the album or release date it’s the end of 2010 so there is time for that to happen.

2. The Decemberists – The King is Dead – January 2011

Colin Meloy and the gang return with the follow up to Hazards of Love with the help of REM guitarist and a few other friends. The album’s title seems to be a slight homage to The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead but other than that the similarities are not close. The lead single is rather good and made it to the list of top songs of 2010. Although the lead single does have a lack of depth lyrically as compared to older tracks by them one can only hope it’s going to be better as a whole.

1. Death Cab For Cutie – Codes and Keys – Spring 2011

I love DCFC. They are my favorite band to ever exist and the fact that they are putting a follow up to Narrow Stairs after several years I’m excited. I really can’t wait to hear at least the first single and that should pass me by for a few weeks or months until the release. Also the tour they’ll be doing is gonna be kick ass, as long as they come to PA.

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