Final Show

This week brings to a close the first and what appears to be the only season of the Triforce. With eleven episodes we did what most people thought we couldn’t. And while it’s been fun it’s also been tedious and at times frustrating. Granted it’s still a giant rewarding process to be able to work with two of your best friends even if things aren’t flawless you got to make the final product be what you promised it to be and i feel like the Triforce was without at a doubt at times when all three of us were there it could have been the best show on KUR (although some would argue).

Why is this our last episode ever? Well to put it quite simply I’m graduating. I’m going home to intern up in the great city of Philadelphia at the rock radio station WYSP. Alright, so it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to KUR and all the good times I’ve had at the station. It’s also going to be a heartfelt goodbye tomorrrow night, so I’m apologizing in advance if there are tears shed at the end.

So make sure you listen tomorrow night for the finale, also going to have our contest winner announced in the last five minutes of the show so be sure to tune in for the winner.

could this be foreshadowing?


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