I can’t answer you that. A few weeks back they debuted their first single off their upcoming album to Philly’s own RADIO 104.5. The track was called “Na Na Na” and as someone who used to listen to the band and began to dislike them i was shocked that they even decided to make a new album. The first single as mentioned was not terrible. It had a different feel to it. More like an indie rock-ish feel. This was impossible. There is no way a My Chemical Romance song could maintain an indie rock feel.

Now they just put on a new single today entitled Sing. It sounds well, not like your usual MCR song would sound. This is a scary though simply because it’s MCR. They are like super emo. Am I going emo because I like their new stuff? Or is it simply a change for them and it’s ok?

Who knows, Danger Days: the True Lives of the Fabulous Kill Joys drops on the 22nd of the month, maybe I’ll have to try it….

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