MOVIE REVIEW: The Social Network

David Fincher has done it again. Once more this director takes an already existing story (this time non-fiction) and turns it into a glorious piece of cinema. while the film focuses mainly on Zuckerberg and his quest for inventing the Facebook it does a good job focusing on the other characters involved in the process.

The script written by Aaron Sorkin is splendid. The dialogue is excellent. The Harvard students speak like they are students at the school, stuck up and snooty. The talk about all the tech stuff also is very well done and over the top. Although one can question the accuracy of the film itself, as did all of this really happen, or was there some added and taken out for dramatic effect?

The casting was better than I thought it would be. Jesse Eisenberg proves that he has more depth than Michael Cera and plays a pretentious wannabe ass hole with genius level IQ, while Andrew Garfield counters him with the naive best friend. One of the better performances in the film is that of Justin Timberlake as the Napster founder (whose name escapes me). Timberlake delivers a crazy, obsessive business man who is trapped in youth. Eisenberg though displays tendencies of aspbergers syndrome which makes one wonder is that in itself an extreme exaggeration.

The soundtrack of which Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor worked on fits the mood and tempo of the scenes. While it was barely noticeable the song choices and writing on them were superb.

I felt that the directing was probably one of the weaker points. Not saying it was terrible, but the fact that Fincher put together a film like this, told in a strange fashion and so on and made it work is an achievement. It didn’t feel like there was too many shots out of place or even misused.

This is a must see for anyone especially college aged kids or those who recently graduated as it pretains mainly to those of us in that generation who will get where this whole thing came from.


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