ALBUM REVIEW: Matt and Kim’s Sidewalks

Back in 2004 two people from Brooklyn met up and were probably thinking, HEY LETS MAKE A BAND! The duo probably thought HEY IF THE WHITE STRIPES CAN DO IT, WHY CAN’T WE. So in 2006 the band put out their first album which just so happened to be self titled. Three years later they put out their mainstream hit Grand which featured several prominent hits such as “Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare”, “Daylight” and “Don’t Slow Down” while Grand got them a name the band wanted to make more music and obviously be known for more than a catchy chorus.

On this coming Tuesday the band will put out their third effort to the world entitled Sidewalks. The album though has a lead single called “Cameras” which is already stellar. The album itself is a rip roaring dancing good time that everyone should give a listen to and should feature some prominent singles.

With the opening track featuring a strong electronic beat and an upbeat lyrical style its hard to stay rooted to your chair during the opening track “Block after Block” Matt Johnson, the lead vocalist and keyboardist, delivers in his voice a powerful vocal track to a strong beat that leaves you bobbing around to the catchy chorus. The album moves on to “AM/FM Block” where the catchiness continues to infect ears. “Cameras” follows up with a more infectious track that leaves you wanting more and more musically.

Matt and Kim continue the electronic assault with the hip and catchy “Red Paint” another dance friendly track with a nice electronic vibe to it that makes you want to seize up. The band though slows it down with the track “Where You’re Coming From” but for them its like a happy Belle and Sebastian song.

The next track “Good For Great” starts off as if its a chiptune track with a piano and drum machine matching up with it. Johnson’s vocals and lyrics keep this a slower paced song but it still feels like a more upbeat track. Around this time the album reaches a dead zone with their trakcs constantly feeling slow and mundane. The seventh track is where it feels like a dead man as “Northeast” feels like a ballad or some kind of short and somber track.

“Wires” tries to move the album in a more upbeat pace and slightly accomplishes it’s goal but it’s possible that that is a little too late. The last two tracks bring the album to a screeching halt as they finish up their third album. I give this album and 8 out of 10 due to the exceedingly slow section in the middle, but its still worth a listen.

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