Movie News!!!

Guess what movie now has a place to shoot? That’s right the Hobbit. Apparently New Zealand begged New Line and the rest of America’s film industry to revoke the ban and even offered money to help pay for the filming in their own little island. So does this mean the Hobbit can begin filming in February like planned? It has a cast, pre-production is done, director and script are there, holy shit I think this movie might come out…PS I never really liked the Hobbit anyways…

In more important news we have Nolan-time! Christopher Nolan released two new official facts about the upcoming untitled Batman 3. The first of which is impressively saddening. The villain is not the Riddler. Meaning…well exactly what it says, the Riddler won’t be in it.

Nolan has not specified which villain the Caped Crusader will be facing but the recent casting of Thomas Hardy (Inception) is leaving the internet abuzz with rumors of Killer Croc (I don’t think so), but another strong rumor is Bane with the obvious Nolan twist. This could work exceptionally well…

The other piece of info that we get is the film has a name. The title being The Dark Knight Rises, this will be the third in what Nolan deems the Dark Knight Trilogy although the first one was called Batman Begins, nice one bub.

Filming should begin soon so stay tuned.


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