the Hobbit Movie Update

Breaking news….it ain’t happening. That’s right. Apparently Peter Jackson says something along the lines of the fact that they were unable to film in New Zealand (the place where LOTR was shot) due to some labor dispute. Looks like this film has 4 months to get all the pre-production work done before the shoot in February. This is a giant set back for the Hobbit project once more. As there is no cast or even a script that we are aware of we have more hope for there being a Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds.

That’s also not the only movie news that I just realized I forgot to mention. First off they want to do a reboot of the Crow franchise. First off I wouldn’t call this a franchise as it had one good movie and the rest were straight to VHS/DVD films. Well since the first actor died on set during a shoot in the first one I can say it really didn’t help the series out. Well now forty something year old Philly native Marky Mark Whalberg is slated to play the role. You can’t sell his shit at Hot Topic because he’s not a stud like Johnny Depp. If this was ten years ago this is what you would have gotten:

And one more thing it is almost a done deal but Aronofsky will most likely direct Wolverine 2. That’s enough ranting…


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