Double the Negative News

Which negative news do you want first?

Let’s go with the heartbreaking one. Superman is getting a new movie. Now granted Superman Returns wasn’t god awful of a movie (not director Bryan Singers fault 100%) but it was one of the most boring super hero movies I have ever seen. Well not that long ago WB gave Batman super guru Christopher Nolan the supervision powers and guess who he decided should direct…

yep, this guy

Zack Snyder, the man behind 300 and Watchmen. The man who destroys comic films is now in charge of the Superman film due out in 2012 entitled Man of Steel.

Snyder took Frank Miller’s 300 and rewrote it as well as directed it. Yes it wasn’t god awful, but the graphic novel wasn’t as critically acclaimed as Watchmen which he directed and destroyed.

Snyder’s most recent project was the children’s movie called The Owls of Ga’hoole which he directed as well. His next feature will be one he wrote as well as produced which is called Suckerpunch and has an early 2011 release.

that guy is writing it seriously?

The script will be penned by David S. Goyer who has penned or helped pen Batman Begins and Dark City but he also wrote the mediocre Blade Trilogy as well as the next Ghost Rider film (due out in 2012).

Other than that there is no announcement as to who is in it, what it’s about or anything else. Although Snyder did say the villain would not be Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey did such a good job) but it would be…GENERAL ZOD

And on a light note JK Rowling is a super bitch. She told Oprah on Friday that she has upwards to three more Harry Potter books to write or could write, plots all made and everything, but says she won’t do it or might not. So in ten years when she wants to crap in a golden lou then we’ll get a new Harry Potter book…not like I really care.


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