MOVIE REVIEW: Get Him To The Greek

Finally I get around to watching what people were saying was one of summer’s best. Let’s just say GHTG is a side splitting comedy that everyone should watch. This film though is interesting as its a semi-sequel to the hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which features both Jonah Hill and Russell Brand).

This film though follows Aaron Green (Hill) as he is sent by his foul mouthed egotistical boss (Sean Combs) to get Brit rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) to the Greek Theater in LA to perform a 10 year anniversary concert of his last performance there. Yes there is more to it but that’s the main gist of the movie.

GHTG strengths are the writing and directing. Yes I know that’s tough to say but in all honesty you can’t have a good comedy without solid writing. Brand’s character makes one of the most racist songs ever and there is a slew of jokes how it’s the worst thing to happen to Africa since Apratheid. This film delivers witty one liners at a rate of 1 billion. That sentence makes no sense and may be stricken off the record.

GHTG also has the strength of a great cast. Brand is pretty much playing himself in this film and that works. The drugged up, drunk rock star is constantly trying to get Hill into awkward situations like stuff heroine up his ass. This is taking place at a busy airport. Hill plays the lovable loser who in turn you try to pull for because you want to see him succeed.

One thing that keeps this film afloat other than the lead talents is the supporting cast. Elizabeth Moss although in a small role does a good job or at least a decent job of portraying the girlfriend of said loser. While Rose Byrne plays the eccentric sex addicted pop star Jackie Q, Aldous’s ex wife.  The best support in this film though is none other than Sean P. Diddy Combs. Combs’s role as the head of a label leads him to practically play himself but in a more vulgar tone. When asked by Hill if he loved African Child Combs replied “Yes I fucking loved African Child…” but would later retort “HELL FUCKING NO, I don’t love African Child, that’s the most racist condescending thing…” and then would ask Hill “are you calling me a house nigger?” Obviously the best scene in the film.

I’ve got one more thing to say about this film and it’s this, get the soundtrack if you remotely like the movie. The entire soundtrack is made up of the fictional band Infant Sorrow’s hits and even the miss (African Child). The songs are hilarious and slightly serious.

Overall I’d give this movie an 8.5/10 as I’m more lenient on comedies and suggest everyone either rent or buy this movie this Tuesday

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