Long Time No See…

I know it’s been a while since the last post, I’ve been incredibly busy so I’m taking the time to unveil an awesome new video trailer for the upcoming Bioshock game Bioshock Infinite.

When the trailer debuted I immediately was pumped. I would later be disappointed to find out the release date would be in 2012.  Bioshock has been such an amazing series with a near flawless first game and a slightly disappointing (yet still good) sequel this third one promises to be better than the second one (at least I hope).

The game takes place in the air city of Columbia in about 1912, so before the first two games. This game has no correlation to the other two except similar themes such as a failed utopia etc…

So just the other day an awesome ten minute video was placed online for the actual gameplay. I’m a bit lost on what is gameplay and what is a scripted event. Someone help me under stand.

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