Reasons Why Meme’s Need to Stay Dead

Tay Zonday…

Yes two words that will destroy the world. Several years ago this man made a video that became an over night huge hit sensation that would be parodied for years. That video I’m talking about was called Chocolate Rain. This man was parodied on South Park in an episode about YouTube or something like that.  Well Zonday vanished for a while. About 2 years after the rain we were gifted with the latest Weezer single entitled Pork and Beans.

The Pork and Beans video featured all the YouTube meme’s from dramatic gopher to of course Tay Zonday. Well now its 2010 and apparently Zonday is still making music (which I am confused by), his latest song is called Chaos and it features Weezer. Now I am pretty sure he mentions shitting his pants at some point in this track.

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As passionate as one can be about certain topics it is hard to make a living with that passion, that being said my passion for nerd culture, modern music and video gaming has yet to translate into anything moderately successful, that and my degree in electronic media, but hey at least I can use that journalism minor. View all posts by Angerbanjo

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