DAILY LIST: Top Mario Related Games

Well yesterday was Super Mario’s birthday and I forgot to remember it. So as punishment I am doing the list of top Mario related games. This is not gonna feature Mario 3 or Mario World or anything like that. No this is all spin offs and stuff.

8. Mario Superstar Baseball

I love baseball. It’s fun and stuff. Well take baseball and add insane rules to it. Give it some powerups and you got MLB Slugfest with Mario characters. The insanity reigns supreme as I don’t think this game would be a smart move to put on the Wii at all.

7. Super Mario Strikers

I’m not a soccer fan but Mario Strikers was fun times. but on the Game Cube this game was awesome. With the insane power ups similar to the MK games and insane rules added to soccer plus the strategy coming to the game from picking the right side characters this game was good enough to warrant a sequel on the Wii, and it was a good sequel too!

6. Mario Paint

I think this came with the SNES. Mario Paint was fun for just goofing off with but in all seriousness as a game to play on a regular basis I wouldn’t play it that often. Mario Paint did feature a kick-ass mini game where you swatted the flies and stuff, that was good times. Plus you can remake music in this game with Mario stuff.

5. Mario Tennis 64

My god what an awesome game. Take a boring sport like tennis and Mario-ify it! Genius. So much hours were wasted on the first one that I had my N64 taken away from me. Too bad the series got a bit stale with future releases although the Game Boy Color version was stellar in it’s own right.

4. Mario Golf 64

Mario Golf was new. It was unique. It was awesome. Play golf with Mario and friends. Such innocent fun until shit got real and every one got real competitive. Yeah thats when people got hurt and stuff. I remember I wasn’t allowed to play because I taunted too  much. Of course with the few remakes they have had they obviously failed to recap the same success.

3. Mario Party

i think this is around sucking time?

The first in the series is usually good but after like 2000 more games this series has run it’s course. I’m ignoring all the other games and only paying attention to the first game. It was new, it was original, it was actually fun. I hated losing in this game but it was what happened. You actually tried in this game. Shame Nintendo has lost sight of what Mario Party games should be instead they just shell out crappy new versions with nothing new or nothing good added to it.

2. Dr. Mario

The doctor is in! This classic NES game has been remade so many times for so many different NES systems it has to be good! I remember playing this when I was younger and hating it because it wasn’t fun. It took the Tetris style of gameplay and made it Mario-friendly. Looking back at it this game was one classic mofo. Dr. Mario’s last actual appearance was in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

1. Mario Kart 64

There was something about Mario Kart as a series that just made you want to lose control of yourself. Mario Kart first debuted on the SNES back in the early 90s but it wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t god awful either. With the N64 they delved into 3-d racing with MK64. This game was near flawless. Yeah it didn’t have a crap ton of tracks like it’s follow ups (Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart WII, Mario Kart Double Dash) but this game logged many people hours of fun.


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