DAILY LIST: Best Arrested Development Characters

Arrested Development was a TV show that was before it’s time that was cancelled and hopefully will be made into a movie. I have seen the show 3 times in it’s entirety itself and have to say it is without a doubt one of the best shows to ever be made. So here is a list of the most memorable characters.

7. Carl Weathers

Weathers plays himself, but a washed up has been actor who is searching for money and a job. Weathers becomes Tobias’ acting coach and to be quite honest doesn’t really teach him anything. Weathers makes the list for how insane the idea is that he can turn Tobias into an actor

6. Steve Holt

While he plays zero significance at all to the show’s plot or anything like that Steve Holt is an icon. The failure of high school, the football captain, the guy the girls want. He’s also a big softie. Steve Holt’s brief appearances in the show add to the humor as he chants out STEVE HOLT whenever he is on the screen. In season 3 he goes looking for his dad and finds out that someone on this list is his real daddy.

5. Gene Parmesan/Barry Zuckercorn

Zuckercorn, worst lawyer ever

This is a two way tie here. Both characters are over the top silly. Zuckercorn (played by Henry Winkler) is a lawyer who is totally inept at everything he does in his law practice as well as in love life. Zuckercorn is the family’s attorney and is god awful at that. His hilarity ensues as he makes comments that your lawyer shouldn’t make normally.

he follows you to mexico

Parmesan is like a stalker I guess. I can’t describe it. The only reason he wasn’t higher is that he only appeared in like 2 or 3 episodes of the show. He was hired by Lucille to hunt down Michael because she thought he was leaving the country or something like that. It was hilarious at how terrible he is at his job yet how well he does.

4. George Bluth

The reason for the family’s problems. George Sr. spends most of his time either in jail or under house arrest trying to escape. George always had these get rich schemes that failed, like the cornballer and boy fights. George’s schemes got more and more insane as the series progresses.

3. Tobias Funke

Tobias always tried so hard to be loved. A failed shrink turned failing actor Tobias struggles with esteem (never nude!) and other such stuff. Tobias spent a whole season almost painted blue as he waited to get a call from The Blue Man Group. Tobias had a tendency to say things that no one should ever say…

2. Buster Bluth

Probably one of the most underrated of the cast of characters. Buster is a highly educated um retard? He’s not very socially inept. Buster is the definition of the mama’s boy. He got his hand bitten off late in the series by a seal wearing a bow tie. He always tried to leave his mother and be a “big boy” but always ended up going back to his mom and dating Liza Minelli

1. G.O.B. Bluth

If you have watched this show then you know that GOB is arguably the funniest guy in the show but also a total tool. GOB is a hack magician and a terrible ventriloquist (see racist puppet above). GOB was the oldest of the Bluth kids and obviously the least gifted…

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