Show Update!

So shows here at KUR start next week, so Monday is the first show for the semester for any DJ here. We begin Wednesday night. But due to some unforeseen circumstance Andy Palamara will be away this coming week scoring us some exclusive musics so he told us to do the final episode of Kyle and Tim Present Time For Explosions. So that means The Triforce officially begins on the 23rd. Thanks to Andy P for being so nice to us and allowing us to close out in style

So let’s go through some of the shows you have to listen to on KUR [you should listen to them all though]

MONDAYS FROM 4-6 PM it’s Traffic Jamz with Lauren Cook, great alt rock show with a taste of variety and stuff

MONDAYS FROM 10-MIDNIGHT THE STASH with Bryan Darling, he plays the hard cock (whoops I mean rock) that we dare not play

TUESDAYS FROM 10-MIDNIGHT The Jim Adair Show with Jim Adair (I don’t think thats the name but that’s what I’m calling it), he plays kinda what we play maybe more folk and under the radar stuff?

WEDNESDAYS FROM 8-10 PM (before us!) Late Dinner with BooBo and the Dan with Kyle Loudis and Daniel C. Williammee ESQ, they play a variety of alt rock and other bizarre stuff, they are fun guys

THURSDAYS FROM 6-8 PM The Crave with Geneva Lewis gives you a nice blend of music from stuff and other stuff, she does a good job so check that shizz out for realz

FRIDAYS FROM 8-10 PM is The Andy Speckhardt Show with of course the great Andy Specks, I don’t think he’s calling it that but I am LOL. He’ll prolly play whatever teh hell he feels like and that’s what we all love about him

At this moment those are the must listen to’s on KUR, maybe you should listen past midnight on Wednesdays for teh rest of the stellar lineup


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