Nerdgasm New MVC3 Trailer Released

Remember that list yesterday that heralded Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 as the greatest fighting game of all time? I briefly mentioned that they were finally making a sequel. Well to me this game is like what Super Smash Bros. Brawl was to lots of people, the most anticipated fighter of our time.

Every so often they’ll announce a new character and so and it’s exciting and intense. Recently Viewtiful Joe and some Marvel character that I’m drawing a blank on.

The trailer features Doctor Doom literally messing some serious stuff up on a SHIELD Hellicarrier with Super Skrull totally being his bitch. Chun-Li’s heli crashes and AWESOME ensues. I just felt like sharing this AWESOME trailer for this AWESOME game and I should quit my babbling…

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As passionate as one can be about certain topics it is hard to make a living with that passion, that being said my passion for nerd culture, modern music and video gaming has yet to translate into anything moderately successful, that and my degree in electronic media, but hey at least I can use that journalism minor. View all posts by Angerbanjo

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