Wow. It was only a few months ago (I really forget) that The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien was canned in favor of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The whole ordeal left a bitter taste in this Hollywood wannabe’s mouth. Watching as a comedian I rarely watched (but when I did I burst out into laughter) get kicked off a show he was promised by network execs as well as the great chin himself was embarrassing for not just him but America.

All of a sudden every single person (or so it seemed) flooded the internet with the slogan “I’m with Coco” although it didn’t prevent the inevitable canning of his program. O’Brien though was paid a large sum and so was his staff to leave NBC but there was a provision that prevented him from going on TV for xx months. That stipulation was brilliant on the networks part because he would be such a hot commodity.

We won’t be seeing that awesome set anymore but CoCo returns to us in a matter of two months. That’s right in just two months CoCo will air after (I think that’s right) George Lopez on the cable network TBS. I’m not sure why Conan chose TBS over say FOX or another network but he’s going to cable where he will reek havoc all over the place.

Here’s the unveiling of the new name and date of the show courtesy of Kim S.


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