DAILY LIST: Bands You Want a New CD From

The previous post mentioned how there was gonna be a new Limp Bizkit album (mega dislike) but it mentioned how we are getting a new Belle and Sebastian album (AWESOME). So that just inspired me to make a list of bands/singers that we want and don’t want to record a new album. Thanks to these two bands. Let’s start with the ones we want eh?

9. At the Drive-In

A prog-rock band makes the list. That’s not right. ATD was a very awesome prog rock band that was around for almost a decade (1993-2001). They split up but through that split up we got another awesome prog rock band called The Mars Volta. ATD did make some interesting songs that varied in length just like TMV but at the same time they did provide us with an awesome track called One Armed Scissor which makes no sense in the title. I’m not a huge fan but once in a while I would wonder what if…

8. Elliott Smith

Cheap post alert! Elliott Smith made music until his death in 2003. But for some reason in both 2004 and 2007 new material has surfaced. Smith was notorious for drug abuse but we can overlook that. His music was so dark and bleak that it often caused severe depression to those who listened. I personally love his music and think that everyone should listen to it. Smith committed suicide October 21, 2003. If he were still with us imagine what kind of music he’d put out still.

7. Neutral Milk Hotel

These guys are so hard to get into. I swear. I like them…only sometimes. But most of their music is just so odd and hard to explain. Their one album In An Aeroplane Over the Sea is a masterpiece that a lot of folks in the indie genre will tell you is true. It’s a great album but it’s so odd. The rest of their library is kind of well just as strange. They were together for seven years before they split up in 1998. They don’t even do reunion shows or anything. It’s like they all vanished and died or what not. Imagine a new NMH album, how weird would it sound? Or would it be mainstream today?

6. Ben Folds Five

This one is cheating. Yes I know. Super cheat. Ben Folds goes on has a successful solo career but what would happen if Ben Folds put together another studio album? Prolly would sound like old Ben Folds Five. What BFF did was it was pop-rock with a piano, yes Ben Folds himself did that but at the same time his music can get real sad. BFF broke up in 2000 after putting out 4 albums in 7 years. They did play one last time in 2008 which I hear was amazing.

5. Jets to Brazil

JTB as they were commonly called made 3 studio albums then called it quits in 2003. They were awesome while they lasted and it sucks that I personally found them so late. I know one of our esteemed colleagues is in love with this band and mentioned that they were the saddest band break up for him for the past few years. JTB had some really sad and somber songs that really fit their style. Songs like Ocean Avenue and Cat Heaven stand out for these guys and it’s such a shame to see a good talented band go while shitty bands like Fall Out Boy make new albums.

4.  Blink 182

I know I know they are coming out with a new album at some point in the near future. But the question is when? We don’t know. They broke up in 2005 after the release of their last album which was awesome and self titled. All three of them formed less than successful side bands and failed miserably. Tom DeLonge got his ego in check called up Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus and was like “yo let’s reunite” so in 2009 after Barker almost died they got back together and was like YO FANZ NEW ALBUM IN 2009 LOLZ, now we hear 2011 at the earliest. WTF Blink WTF.

3. Something Corporate

Another cheap post! How many can I get away with? Well this really isn’t as cheap as the other one was. SoCo played from the late ’90s to 2006. Andrew McMahon contracted cancer after recording a new album for a new band called Jack’s Mannequin. JM caught off and he’s been doing that ever since. SoCo recently reunited for a few tour stops. In an interview with McMahon when I asked about a new SoCo album he laughed and said no but recent news has surfaced saying that it’s a possibility which makes me wonder, did Andy McMahon lie to me? I hope so, at least in this case because SoCo had a special kind of sound to them that JM is lacking, maybe it’s because it was more of a rockier sound than JM (I love both bands btw).

2. Nirvana

The grunge movement started with the Seattle group. Kurt Cobain had a way with words even if it was him just screaming out RAPE ME twenty times in one song. Nirvana had this way of not giving a shit about their music but at the same time giving a shit. Wow. Cobain “shot himself” but the theory is (and I buy this one) that his then wife Courtney Love shot him after doing mad amounts of drugs. When a band has such songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit and Polly (which are iconic) you begin to wonder what would happen if they made another album? Prolly they’d suck like most bands do if they make a new album right?

1. Queen

Yeah I’m not a huge fan of these guys but I do love some of their songs. Reason why Queen stopped making music is flat out because of the fact that Freddie Mercury died of AIDS. Guess that’s what happens when you’re gay. But Queen had a way to take a ballad and turn it into a sing along (see Bohemian Rhapsody). They also had a way to make a song about fat girls butts (Fat Bottomed Girls). And they made Shaun of the Dead like ten times funnier thanks to Don’t Stop Me Now being placed in the middle of one of the scenes. RIP Mr. Mercury


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