So I wrote a post the other day practically hating on the alt-rock band Weezer. Yes, I admit it, I used to be a huge fan of the act back in the end of the century prior to Make Believe. I won’t lie and say I dislike the band prior to it. I was a huge Weez-head (idk what you call their fans anyways). So when the opportunity presented itself for free tickets I took it.

I took my good pal Lauren to the show and when we got there we were shocked to see so many damned hipsters and Hot Topic people wearing Weezer shirts and flannel button down tops. Man that s$%t was f@^*ed up.

Anyway the opening act was The Gaslight Anthem who recently put out an album back in May called American Slang. The band hails from New Jersey and has a late ’50’s rock kinda feel to them (see Bruce Springsteen for proper comparison). Lauren didn’t like them that much but i thought they were alright, they obviously didn’t have the best stage presence.

That’s Gaslight up there, pic is done by Lauren herself. Hah. So they got off stage to mixed audience thingys (I forgot the word I wanted to use here and its obviously not coming back).

Almost an hour later we get Weezer coming out on stage. A large chunk of the fans were skeptical as I was. It’s been years since I’ve seen these guys on tour. But the word was that they were gonna play pretty much stuff from The Red Album, Raditude and the upcoming trash fest that will be called Hurley.

When Weezer took the stage it was all of them minus Rivers taking stage. I wasn’t sure what was going on, no Rivers, heavy alt-rock music? What is this? This wasn’t Weezer. Then out of my eye I saw a man in jeans, chucks and a green windbreaker kicking a guitar. All of a sudden that man came tot he front of the stage and began to sing the first words of the night.

I had a mild orgasm (note I really didn’t) as they opened the show with Hash Pipe, a song from their Green Album all about weed, or so it seems. As the chorus began to be sung by Rivers, the fans got louder and the foul stench of weed began to fill the pit area.

They proceeded from Hash Pipe into one of the few good singles off of the Red Album entitled Troublemaker. With this Rivers took someone’s giant pink gorilla they won at the fair and began to desecrate it (cuz you know Rivers, he’s such a trouble maker). At the end of the song Rivers jumped from the top of the drum kit to the bloody stage (first reaching a trampoline they had on stage).

Fans were going rabid (I guess these guys actually liked new Weezer) as they jumped into the next song which I was very surprised that they were able to pull off. Undone (The Sweater Song) from the Blue Album is a bit tough to pull off life because there really aren’t any lyrics to it, so Rivers just started talking to Allentown and saying how much blah blah blah (I forget what he was saying, he just kept saying s$^t to Allentown).

They continued to parade off the Blue Album with a track called Surf Wax America, to which Lauren turned to me and said something like I love this song or something. I really don’t remember. “You take your car to work, I’ll take my board…” as Rivers sang this song he came to our side of the crowd and began to high five the fans.

Lauren went crazy with the camera here so yeah, I think it’s safe to say we don’t have a lot of shoddy pics to place here. After they finished their mini parade they began to play a new song off the upcoming Hurley. I felt like I was gonna be sick as they performed their new single Memories.

To which at the end of the song Rivers had said it’s always nice to play new music to see what fans would think, anyways it’s back to your regularly scheduled WEEZER ALLENTOWN! As he said this he threw several rolls of toilet paper out to the fans (it would make it back to him).

Following Memories they went into yet another recent song called The Perfect Situation. This song was a half decent track off the wannabe Cure album called Make Believe. They forced the fans to do the woah-ohing at the end of the song which was fun but annoying at the same time cuz they wanted us to be sooooo loud.

See what i mean, she went camera happy

The song they played after was an old one but i wasn’t sure at all at first. I noted that the song went WOAH WOAH OH OAH, later to find out it was a song off Maladroit called Dope Nose. After which I feel more relieved.

Dope Nose ended and I think Rivers brutally destroyed Allentown by Billy Joel and it was a destructive thing. But after which you could hear the signature guitar opener from one of the Blue Albums many great songs. Rivers began to moan out: Oh Yeah, Alright…and then you could hear him start singing one of the first Weezer songs I’d ever heard, Say It Ain’t So.

After the song ended the lights faded out to nothing and people thought they were done. What a rip off! What a steal, Weezer gets all your money and they play nothing. The lights come back up and its only Rivers with a guitar and says this one is for you Allentown and begins to play Island in the Sun. To which Rivers was the only one playing until the bridge near the end when the lights came all back on and there you saw the whole bloody band.

They the proceeded to play another classic single from an album that they didn’t touch for reasons I could simply explain. El Schorcho is one of the few family friendly songs off Pinkerton. As the main theme of the album is about…well sex. And his addiction to sex. The first song on the album is called Tired of Sex in which he choos: “I’m tired, so tired, of having sex. So tired…” but I digress. Rivers held up an acoustic guitar during this song and it brought some tears to my eyes. Reminding me that this band still does have a soul.

guys let's TP Allentown!

I believe it was at this point that they mentioned how they felt bad for fans of them since 1994. Cuz you know if you wore a Weezer shirt back then you were a fool. You need like BUSH or Guns and Roses or trash like that. They actually apologized, albeit in a joking sense, for their poor t-shirt design back in the day.

As I stood there anticipating another new Hurley track I was blown away as the guitar began to play another notoriously well known track of theirs off of none other than the Blue Album. Rivers jumped up and started to sing: “My Name is Jonas…I’m carrying the wheel…” I began to jump up and down much like the girls standing next to me, they too probably have been listening to Weezer for a while.

During My Name is Jonas Rivers continued to wander around the fairground, the front stage driving girls as well as grown men mad because here was this total nerd on stage, being super successful and shizz.

The next song Rivers left the stage and walked into the stands wayyyyy far away from the actual stage. The song was one of the last great (or semi-decent) songs they made called Beverly Hills. Everyone in the crowd sang along to the words, cuz ya know they are so simple and stuff. Rivers was followed by security but you could tell where he was because immediately a crowd of fans just surrounded him trying to steal his glasses or jacket.

They followed up Beverly Hills with a single of theirs that harkened back to the good ol’ days of Weezer, cept it wasn’t old. The song was Pork and Beans. If you didn’t enjoy that song when it first came out I thought you didn’t have soul. It was like an old Weezer song and live it felt like they had been playing it since 1999 or something like that.

Rivers had been moving all around the entire show, it was a good time to see the man go ape s$#t all over the Fairgrounds in Allentown. Something he clearly wouldn’t let us forget as everytime he began to talk he would say what’s up Allentown or something to that effect.

But following Pork and Beans it got dark on stage and you could hear them fooling around with a moog. Yes a moog. That meant one thing. Rivers walks out on the stage and begins to sing the hit MGMT song Kids. Lauren would turn to me and say, I told ya so.

Following a moment of silence between Kids, Rivers walks out with a huge ass blonde wig on his head and begins to say: Can’t read my, can’t read my no he can’t read my poker face. My palm met my face once more (for only the second time that night though).

Weezer followed up Poker face with their first single off of Raditude which has a name like (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To. They were getting ready to close up shop. As they were about to do so they thanked us for being an awesome crowd and closed it out with Buddy Holly from the Blue Album. Everyone went crazy, such an awesome song.

And now it’s come down to my honest thoughts on the show. Weezer was entertaining but the fact that they played mainly older songs has given me faith in them, I know Hurley will suck but I have faith that they will continue to play older songs on tours and stuff. I wish they played more Pinkerton and Green and maybe the last few songs they left off of Blue but hey it was a good show. I admit I wouldn’t have paid the fifty bucks they were charging but I would still go if it were like 20-30.

All in all me and Lauren had a good night and it felt good to be reminded of good s%^t from when you were younger. Even though Rivers is 40 and balding he still knows how to entertain a crowd.


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