Daily List: Weezer Music Videos

I want to try something now that I have this blog, I want to do a daily list and this could do terribly wrong and stuff. So everyday I’m gonna do a 7 list. Yep I am borrowing this idea from a few people but I don’t honestly care what you have to say about that. So what is today’s list? Well in honor of yesterday’s Weezer concert this list is gonna be the 7 best Weezer Music Videos!

7. We Are All on Drugs

In 2005 Weezer came back with the album Make Believe. This album featured about 4 good songs, this was one of them. This video makes the list mainly because of how absurd and crazy it is. The camera shots are superb but the thing that really does it is the colors as well as the surreal aspect we get. The MTV edit was called We Are All In Love but it didn’t hold the same powerful message that this one did. I think Rivers was forced to do this song as a public service announcement.

6. Hash Pipe

This song is pretty damn awesome. But the video is a tad bit disturbing featuring sumo wrestlers and stuff. It was a bit disturbing to sit there and watch super fat sumo guys do gay stuff [or what looks like gay stuff]. They look so young in this video it’s just freaky. From an editing standpoint this one is pretty well done.

5. Dope Nose

This makes the list because mainly the rest of their videos aren’t super strong but how many music videos have asians riding motorbikes with samurai swords? Or how bout Rivers with a giant beard that some one like KUR’s own president would wear? Not many.

4. Troublemaker

I hate this album. I literally do. This is the point where Weezer just really started sucking. But hey the video is great. They literally go out of their way to break world records and stuff. The sad part is that as Weezer’s music starts to suck their videos get better. Have you noticed this? I’m not sure

3. Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly was directed by Spike Jonez and is kind of an interesting piece. It reciprocates the feel from the 1960’s sitcom Happy Days. The song itself does have that wholesome family fun kind of feel to it and it works perfectly. The problem with this video is that it’s 1994 and mixing stock footage from happy days with Weezer and stuff doesn’t look amazing but hey it’s a classic.

2. Island in the Sun

This video simply makes the list because a bear literally humps Rivers. Bears love Rivers. Not only do bears love Rivers but so do monkeys and other animals. Spike Jonze does another good job with the edits and stuff. It’s pretty interesting to see all these animals get along.

1. Pork and Beans

While not the single greatest Weezer song ever it’s still one of the greatest videos ever. I love how they took so many YouTube sensations and placed them into the same video. It shows that after X years Weezer still knows how to have a good time and stuff. I really loved how they had the groundhog in there. Sadly this is not a video that will last forever like say Buddy Holly above this one but it’s one that you can enjoy even still.

Got an idea for a daily/weekly list? Let me know in the comments section or email me @ CometAppears@gmail.com

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