MOVIE REVIEW: The Last Airbender

My god, I don’t even think there is somewhere to begin with this nightmare of a film. M. Night felt that he could translate the hit Nickelodeon cartoon show into a cinematic masterpiece. The main problem would be this, each season is 20+ episodes into a 1 hour and 40 minute movie .

The Last Airbender follows the adventure of Aang who is of course the last airbender. There are four nations in this world. One for each of the four elements, earth, water, fire and air. And what unites them all is something called the Avatar. The Avatar went missing over 100 years ago and because of the Fire Nation waging war on everyone trying to prove they are super dominant over every one went and killed all the Air Nomads, Aang ran away after finding out he was the Avatar. Aang needs to train and learn the four elements and defeat the fire lord. This one focuses all on water, yeah…its a deep complex story

There is nothing worth watching in this film. The shots are absolutely awful and even the acting is flat and tasteless. There is no talent in the cast, at least any that works well. Every member of the cast read the script as if they had something stuck up their pooper. Yes I just said that and no I won’t take it back.

M. Night has clearly built his career on the fact that he can make films with twists in his films but this movie has neither a twist nor anything else. But the thing M. Night is god awful with his directing and his writing. I wonder if the man has ever seen the show before.

The effects were flatter than a 12-year old’s chest. Yes tack on 3-d in a film that really didn’t need or could even make the 3-d work. M. Night plans on making the other two movies (there were 3 seasons of the show). Well let’s see how awful The Last Airbender 2 and 3 are.

RATING: if you have watched the show 0/10, 1.10 if you haven’t seen the show


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