And now for some music…WEEZER NEWS

Many years ago back in the mid to late 1990’s many teenagers discovered a California band known as Weezer. The band was a relatively new style of alternative rock. Weezer began to make albums. As they made them they had many hit singles. Weezer’s debut album was entitled Weezer. It would be more commonly referred to as the Blue Album. It featured hit singles like Buddy Holly, Undone (The Sweater Song), Say It Ain’t So, and My Name is Jonas.

In 1996 Weezer followed up The Blue Album with what some consider to be the best sophmoric album, Pinkerton. The album consisted of songs about sex and giving up sex. Songs like Tired of Sex as well as Pink Triangle were feature songs on the album.

It took a few years for Weezer to release another studio album. In 2001 they put out another self titled album which would be commonly referred to as The Green Album. This album featured several hit songs including Hash Pipe as well as Island in the Sun.

They followed up the next year with what would be their weakest album to date with Maladroit. Weezer would later announce that they were gonna take some time off from recording music.

In 2005 Weezer returned with a handful of weak albums that kicked off with Make Believe. Make Believe had only 3 good tracks on it, while they followed up with the Red Album in 2008 which featured one good song, the lead single, Pork and Beans. They followed up with Radittude which was a musical flop that had next to no good songs. And now at the end of the month they release what should be the end of their musical career with Hurley.

Why am I posting this? Because I won free tickets to see Weezer tomorrow night at the Allentown Fairgrounds. There will be a review  posted Thursday morning if not late Wednesday night after returning.


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