How many years has it been since we had seen the classic characters, Buzz Lightyear and Woody on the big screen? 11 years right? Yeah. Disney and Pixar team up to make the third [and maybe not the final chapter] in the Toy Story Saga.

Toy Story 3 picks up after the end of Toy Story 2 but 11 years later. Andy is grown up and moving to college. He has to get rid of his toys. They prepare to move to the attic but through some poor communication they are thrown out. Buzz and Jessie decide they should to go daycare (Sunnyside). Woody is totally against this and is trying to convince them otherwise. Upon entering Sunnyside all things go to hell. Buzz and the gang are placed in the youngest group of kids who abuse the ever loving s#%^ out of toys. Buzz notices the corruption in the toys.

Toy Story 3 does not suffer from being another sequel in a series. Nope, it actually excels where most sequels fail miserably. TS3 has witty writing that mixes adult humor in with child friendly jokes. Yes Mr. Potato Head makes butt jokes, rather immature and kid friendly, but the whole Ken-Barbie relationship thing is all adult oriented.

With writing like this who needs an all star voice cast? Well TS3 still gets the all star cast. Tim Allen and Tom Hanks reprise their roles as Buzz and Woody. Joan Cusack returns as Jesse but we get some new blood (mainly Michael Keaton as Ken).

The story as I mentioned is simple, but it works, it’s complex enough to keep you wrapped up in what’s going on in the movie. But what saves the weak story is the characters. Most of the viewers (my age) grew up on TS1 and TS2 so they already know the characters and about them but they build on them in TS3.

TS3 has an exceedingly sad scene near the end which is rather heartfelt and gut wrenching. TS3 features a strong message that as people grow up they change or something like a toy doesn’t last forever. I forget because I saw it so long ago. But the message was there and strong and clear.

TS3 is argueably the best animated film of the year even in a year with strong competition from How to Train Your Dragon. Everyone needs to see this movie, if not just for Spanish Buzz.

RATING: 9.9/10


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