MOVIE REVIEW: The Other Guys

Alright, I have two more reviews to put out there. This is the All-Star comedy entitled The Other Guys. The cast is all knowing and all powerful (not really but still). The Other Guys is quite simply a hilarious romp of a movie. Every bit of it has great potential to be one of the funniest movies of the summer…scratch that it was (weak summer eh?).

The Other Guys follows two cops (Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg) as they try to solve a mystery. There really isn’t much to the plot here. Two All-Star Cops (Dewyane Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson) are killed on duty (a scene of which is pretty damn funny). Wahlberg is insistent upon Ferrell that they take up the job that the two All-Stars left behind. As Ferrell and Wahlberg discover the depths of the corruption and evil stuff the more bad things happen to them.

What The Other Guys suffers from is relying too much on one liners and the weak plot to make the jokes work. There is a whole sequence in which Mark Whalberg questions Will Ferrell’s wife by saying “who is that?” Ferrell’s wife is indeed a smoking hot babe (Eva Mednes) which is why Whalberg is asking this. Now while most of the  movie is funny, to me the funniest part is near the beginning of the movie when Whalberg is sitting in a group therapy session with cops who shot their guns and bad s@%# happened, Whalberg tells his story and bam, nothing but laughter.

The casting is excellent. Johnson and Jackson play two stuck up action hero esque cops exceedingly well and it’s quite the shame that they don’t last for long. Ferrell and Whalberg make a dynamite team that could work in the future in other films. Steve Coogan plays a confused and probably mildly retarded business man. Michael Keaton this summer has found a resurrection in the career with both this and Toy Story 3. And what can be said about Mendes?


So in final summary, you want to laugh your ass off? Then your choices are limited but The Other Guys will probably do what you want it to…maybe.

RATING: 7/10


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