MOVIE REVIEW: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

As I said I was going to make this a blog about more than just the music so here it is the first unofficial post, it’s a movie review! And here it is, for the box office flop, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a whimsical experience of a film. Let’s start by figuring out where the concept of this film comes from. Several years ago a Canadian by the name of Bryan Lee O’Malley began to pen these graphic novels. The novels focused on the central character named Scott Pilgrim (also the name of Canadian indie rock band Plumtree song).

Scott is a 23 year old bum. Yep straight up bum. Scott has no job whatsoever and lives in a tiny ass apartment with his gay friend Wallace Wells. The only thing Scott has going for him is a band he is in called Sex Bob-Omb (yes that’s a Super Mario Bros. reference). In this band is his friends Stephen Stills (named after the singer) who is referred to by his full name and quite simply as “the Talent” and of course his ex-girlfriend and constant dark child Kim Pine.

Scott eventually starts dating a seventeen year old named Knives Chau who incidentally is Chinese and the leaves her when he meets the American Ramona Flowers. Turns out Ramona has a crap ton of baggage, seven evil ex boyfriends of whom Scott has to fight in order to win her love. Pretty simple straightforward story right? Yeap, but what makes the novels so damn good is the characters. Here’s what the art looks like (normally not in color):

Anyways, let’s talk about the movie. Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) decided to helm this film and write it (not alone). Wright is a fabulous director in case you hadn’t seen the mentioned films. He is notorious for using references to pop culture as well as other witty pieces of dialogue. Wright also is the master of quick cuts and smooth camera transitions as well as random sound effects being placed into his films. Let’s just put it like this almost every Wright film is for the 20-something year old with ADD and Scott Pilgrim is no exception.

Wright’s adaptation is fairly accurate to the first five graphic novels. There are a total of six overall but the sixth one wasn’t even being written yet when Wright penned the scripts. Wright almost nailed it on the head entirely but at some point he started to develop pacing problems as time between Scott’s fights with the ex’s either was too long in some places or too short. Now for some people this would detract from the movie, for me I was in love with the novels so the film was amazing to my eyes even with these flaws.  Now since there are six novels obviously there is more time (the story spans 1-2 years in novels but less than a month in the film). Wright has to skimp on the development of certain characters (Stephen and Kim are notoriously left with little bits of scrap). Even the ex’s don’t get that much bidding. But other than some of these sparks of weakness the script still shines through with the acting and everything else…

Ahhhh it wouldn’t be a great awkward teen/coming of age romance movie without of course Michael Cera. A lot of people hate on Cera for playing the same role every time (Juno, Superbad, Youth in Revolt, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and while that may be true there might not have been a better actor to play Scott Pilgrim. I personally have been having and off an on relationship with Mr. Cera but to be honest I thought he did a pretty good job as Pilgrim. Scott is an awkard f$&# but thats his charm. The rest of the cast stole the show. Kieren Culkin as the gay roommate Wallace Wells was probably one of the best casting choices ever. He nailed the character flawlessly through the incredibly well written script for his character but also through his own acting. Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona was probably one of the weaker casting choices but even still she did a stellar job [even though it was a weaker one]. Aubrey Plaza was one of the stand out minor characters. Every role I have seen her in she has been a moody little t#%$ and you know what her character (Julie Powers) was nothing short of the same.  Two of the casting for the evil ex’s stood out to be more than anyother, Jason Schwartzman as Gideon Graves (the leader) was the perfect rat bastard and Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram, the vegan bassist of Scott’s ex’s band, Clash at Demonhead.

Now while acting and scripting doesn’t do everything for the movie, the sound editing was freaking unbelievable! Adding the old school video game sound effects as well as video editing it in there really made me feel super comfortable with the movie. It felt like it was a video game movie [or a movie that was really a video game??]

Now while the sound and video editing should get noms from the Academy at the end of the year it most likely won’t since the film at time of this post has made approx 30 million (it cost almost 3 times that much including advertising).

The soundtrack for the film was stellar. The score was almost all chip-tune music which fits the film in it’s entirety! I was blown away by how awesome it was and how it fit into it. Now what about the soundtrack. The soundtrack features music from Sex Bob-Omb (performed by Beck), Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene), as well as Clash at Demonhead (Metric). Yep, these bands actually made the music that was featured in the film. God I freaking came when Clash at Demonhead performed (because I love that song)

While the movie ended differently than the novel I was still blown away enough to see it again and I will most def be buying it on Blu Ray on the day it comes out…

RATING: 10/10, A F#%^ing PLUS!

next i’ll review Christopher Nolan’s Inception later in the week

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