MOVIE REVIEW: Karate Kid (2010)

I’m continuing my summer movie reviews, yeah, I’m running out of movies because there wasn’t many for me to see. So what did i do, I sat through the Karate Kid.  The Karate Kid is almost a shot for shot remake of the original from way back in the early 1980’s. This time it stars Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. The Karate Kid is almost a shot for shot remake of the original. The story is a tad bit darker as it starts off with the mother of Jaden Smith’s character Dre being relocated to China from Detroit cause she worked in the auto industry. Dre is bullied much like Daniel-san in the first one. He meets Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) and the rest is just almost as accurate as the original.

Chan makes the character darker than Mr. Miyagi ever was. The story was a bit bleaker than the previous ones. The story just felt a bit more believable and relate able as we take someone who wouldn’t fit into a new society and place them into a totally new and strange land.

The shots at time were a bit useless and silly. Some of the karate scenes featured shots that probably wouldn’t pass in most films as they employed teh shaky cam that in my opinion haunted the Bourne movies and most action films since.

While the Karate Kid doesn’t really bring anything fresh to the table in terms of film or style it still is an enjoyable film in a rather bleak environment of summer films that seem to be lacking.

RATING: 7.25/10


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