Hello world!

This is a whole new experience. I recently abandoned my blogspot blog because it was totally well weak. I hate how I use that word so much.

Anyways, this is the new blog for me, it’s simply called The Triforce, for a few reasons. My show on KUR [Kutztown University Radio] will be three really cool djs [tentatively] working together, so that’s three, and the Triforce is 3 pieces. Yep totally nerdy, I know. Another reason is the subject matter of these posts will not just be held up to well just the show but also movies [since I personally want to be a director] and other stuff, being the third subject matter.

So now that we have the explainations of the name and stuff done maybe we can get to work…oh no wait we can’t. The show doesn’t even have a time yet so I can’t plug it like I normally would…oh well maybe I’ll write up a movie review!

Till next time!

About Angerbanjo

As passionate as one can be about certain topics it is hard to make a living with that passion, that being said my passion for nerd culture, modern music and video gaming has yet to translate into anything moderately successful, that and my degree in electronic media, but hey at least I can use that journalism minor. View all posts by Angerbanjo

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